{November 26, 2007}   changes

sunday was the HSK exam. that thing is hard; more a test of your test-taking skills than your actual chinese knowledge. since it tests for levels 3-8, and we’re probably around 4, there was a lot of guesswork involved. apparently to get level 4 you have to score somewhere around 50%.

monday vanished pretty quickly. since I was going to take pete’s room after he moved out, there was lots of packing to do, had to get all of our stuff down to my room so that they could clean it before letting me move in (I saw them finish cleaning today, but apparently there’s still more stuff to do, they keep giving me wildly different estimates of when it’ll be done). after moving most of our stuff, we played a game of go, and went to the mexican restaurant for dinner. the incompetence of their staff never ceases to amaze me – really, they just can’t get things right. every single time they make at least one mistake (bringing the wrong food, forgetting someone’s meal entirely, etc). it was amusing at first, but I’m sick of it now. the only reason I still go there is because the food is delicious and it seems to be the only mexican place in hangzhou (perhaps in all of china :P). we had agreed to meet our friend there after dinner for salsa dancing, but after about 10 minutes of that we decided we didn’t like it and went home.

oh, and I discovered that works in konqueror now. :) somehow the java applet refused to load properly in summer – but it worked in firefox. weirdness. but yay for updates. :) I might actually start playing go regularly now. maybe. I get distracted so easily :)

now it’s tuesday. we finished moving stuff in the morning, and now pete’s on his way to the airport. I’m waiting for them to let me move… all my stuff is bagged up and ready. there’s a lot of stuff.
I miss pete already…

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