{December 1, 2007}   I hate thinking of titles for posts

I find myself spending more and more time in kde4 lately. it’s pretty, it’s shiny, it has a twitter plasmoid! :) (my username is chanika, if you’re wondering)
yesterday I discovered that scim now works in konsole, which removes my last reason for using kde3’s konsole. I think I’m almost ready to use kde4 as my main desktop now. really the only things stopping me are that phonon isn’t working properly and stuff is generally too unstable for me. my poor laptop is having enough of its own issues; I don’t have time to deal with text input randomly not working in konq or plasma when I’m trying to do real work. I’m not even going to upgrade to gutsy any time soon. plus, I hate logging out, and I have to do that a lot with kde4 ’cause I’m updating it so often. :) so for now it’s running on another screen – I think as it stabilises, I’ll start running kontact and knetworkmanager as my regular user – but in the kde4 screen – so that I have less and less need to jump to the kde3 desktop. that way I can spend more time in kde4, but have kde3 available to go back to if I need things to Just Work. kinda like dual-booting, really, but without the long switching time. :)

I’m a little lost when it comes to programming, though. I have some ideas about things that need doing, but none have really caught my interest. I always find it hard to start programming again after a break. I need to manage my time better, too… a million little things distract me and suddenly the day is over and I haven’t actually gotten anything *done* :/

stuff has been happening out in the real world, though. saturday I spend almost 6 hours hiking – then had to quit halfway, at lunchtime (not that I actually got to sit and eat, it was just that time of day), when I found out there was a time limit and they’d start closing off the trail if we didn’t go fast enough. o.0 obviously the chinese idea of a hike is somewhat… different. considering I’ve spent most of the last year sitting in class or in my room, it’s kinda surprising I even lasted that long. it was fun, though – while I had trouble with the uphill parts (made worse ’cause I’d forgotten my inhaler) I zoomed down the hills, dodging around the people slowly picking their way down. I think about 90% of the people were going ultra-slow on the downhill. it was really frustrating when there wasn’t any safe way to go around them, but in some areas there were loads of tree branches that could be used to climb down beside the trail. :) at one point I had to wait at the bottom of a hill for 10-15 minutes for the rest of my group to catch up. my knees and ankles weren’t too happy with me, though. walking to the bus stop and from the bus stop back to the dorm wasn’t so fun.

btw, I am writing this post from kde4. :) it’s so nice to not have those wordpress bugs – now I just need to find out why I don’t have java here.

Pier-Olivier Thibault says:

Hi! I really need your help. I don’t know anyone who can write chinese and speak english/french :(

I want to get a tattoo and I want it in Chinese symbols but I am very cautious with the meaning. I want it to mean “United on earth” I was wondering if you could help me out getting the symbol :) You can e-mail me if you wish as it’s the best way to get ahold of me

Thank you for your time!

doviende says:

if you can’t read it, why not get it in english or french? find a calligrapher to write it all nice, maybe put a design around it.

Maybe the reason you have a hard time thinking of post titles is because you’re rolling multiple posts into one. If you chose a specific subject for each post, such as “KDE4 on my Laptop” or “Hiking in China” then you might also have an easier time writing them (or at least that’s what I’ve found.)

Sebastian says:

@Pier-Olivier Thibault
There was some Jet Li movie (I think it was “Hero”/”Ying xiong”) where they speak of some “all under the same sun” symbol. I can’t remember whether they showed the symbol or just spoke of it, though. Good luck with your tattoo!

Hi Chani,

could you please report a bug on b.k.o for your Phonon problem? Now that I finally fixed the notification sounds I want to fix all the remaining known issues. :-)

Chani says:

matthias: I probably need to investigate it more closely first. I’ll put it on the list… :)

Pier-Olivier Thibault says:

Thank You Sebastian :) I’ll probably find it somewhere eventually!

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