{December 12, 2007}   features?

I see a fair number of people getting upset about plasma not having feature X that they really really want. some of them take this a little far, accusing developers of stripping features, making references to gnome, etc.

I just have one question: how can you remove a feature that was never there?

plasma isn’t a port to kde4. it’s entirely new code. this means it started with zero features. ZERO. the developers have been steadily adding to that, but it is going to take time. they’re not stupid people, and they do use kde4 themselves, so they have not simply overlooked such obvious things as the panel not being resizable or movable yet. complaining and using hyperbole (as tempting as it can be sometimes) does nothing but drain developers’ motivation, which will result in features taking *longer* to get done.

this is the downside of scrapping kicker and starting clean. the advantage is that we get a more flexible desktop, one that will become far better than anything that could have been done by extending the old code. it’s going to be a bit painful at first while we’re still implementing features we’ve come to expect from a kde desktop – but it will be worth it. we’re already seeing some pretty awesome ideas that should be relatively easy to do once we’re not so busy with the basics.
there’s other advantages too, but it’s the middle of the night (clubbing on a weeknight? yeah, that’s china). I don’t remember them.

if you’re truly concerned that a feature you need won’t be implemented soon enough for you, then either try to implement it yourself (you never know, it could be fun), or vote for it on those are constructive ways of letting people know what you want. :)

or if you realllllly want to use blog comments to communicate, you could tell me what I should attempt to work on next. I reserve the right to completely ignore all suggestions and do whatever the hell I please, though ;)

Nick says:

It’s just as you say it. Rock on :)

soap says:

Very well said. I was thinking the same thing.
An option for mousewheel over desktop switching virtual desktops would be great; it’s actually the main thing keeping me from switching comfortably, but I can wait since there’s a pager now.

Chani says:

wait a sec… am I complaining about the complainers now?
darn, this is tough :P

mat69 says:

Clubbing on a weeknight is not common in North America?!

Well if I hadn’t to do some $%& coding (C with so little libaries sucks) for universty I’d be drunk by now. :D

Anyway it seems that some people tend to forget that a lot of you do this fantastic work in their time off.
So try to make the coders’ time off pleasantly by providing feedback a positive way (like Aaron described). :)

Fri13 says:

I just would like to see three things.

1) Kickoff menu to be side of screen so user can just “swing” mouse to side of screen and click to get back to “main” when going trought applications. Just like current kicker menu allows (this can be changeble by later?)

2) Plasmoids (those applets?) should be movabled and configured by right click. So when user hovers mouse over them, user dont see those configure, move and delete buttons/area. There should be “lock” mode for it. (no, i dont even know will this come later but current RC2 version dont work that way).

3) get that plasma widget button away from right corner and have it as own widget on desktop. I use so much screen corners with compiz-fusion and im planning to have those for Kwin too. Like lock screen, scale, desktop-wall and show desktop.

But, what i really want, is just to give time for developers to do what they like, it is their hobby and time after all ;-)

And if you complain about complainers… then go there ;-)

gfranken says:

At the tuxmachines web site, last night, I posted a comment regarding KDE4 RC2. Overall, it’s hopeful and positive.

“Reaction to KDE4 RC2
Submitted by gfranken on Tue, 12/11/2007 – 22:57.

It IS getting better with each Beta and Release Candidate. I’m running it from a Live CD as I type this. I’m running under a plain video driver so I can’t enable fancy video desktop effects.

Right now, I’ve got an applet in my panel and I can’t figure out how to get it out of there. I still can’t drag an application icon from the KMenu onto my desktop.

I’m getting used to the new K-Menu interface. Unlike many, I do like the Oxygen widgets style and icons.

Konqueror as a web browser runs very well. I’ve tried at least one web site which won’t render properly in KDE 3.5.8, which renders fine in Konqueror 3.97.

KWord fired up, but wouldn’t print. The Kate text editor prints fine.

Although I’m primarily a KDE guy, I do run many non KDE apps. It’ll be interesting to see how well non KDE-apps run under KDE4.

I’m feeling hopeful at this point. Even running under the Live CD, it’s getting very responsive.”

Like many Linux users, I’m excited about KDE4. I want it to succeed. I’m a guy that likes to have icons for the applications I launch most often right on the desktop, so the not being able to drag an application from the KMenu onto the desktop is important to me.

Other people have these “fiddly little things” like this that are important to them. Yes, we have been spoiled by incredible flexibility of KDE 3.5X.

Thanks for your efforts.

Chani says:

1) interesting idea. no idea how it could be implemented. go file a wish on :)
2) those hover buttons were created because right-click really wasn’t sufficient. they’re not going to go away. not having them was a PITA, trust me. in fact, the one thing I want most is to have handles on the panel. :)
3) several people seem to dislike that thing. however, it doesn’t actually *stop* you from using the corner for kwin stuff, so I don’t see it as a priority. if people really hate it that much, eventually one of them will submit a patch to hide it somehow.

Luis says:

1) Go to

2) There’s lock actually, since what? 1 week and a half more or less.

3) May I ask how does it interfere with Compiz/Kwin? You can still set scale there, there’s any problem, you can even click “right trough it…”

Anyway, next time before complain, get a little more informed :)

Luis says:

BTW: Only some people dislike it, most “end-users” that have seen it on my desktop said WOW, that’s cool.

talnikar says:


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