{December 15, 2007}   going all the way

well, I did it. I shut down kde3 today.

I’m now running only kde4, with a handful of kde3 apps. there were a few bumps – something went funny with the systray, and neither knetworkmanager nor klaptop would run in kde4 after that – but a reboot fixed those. now I’m just wondering why amarok (from kde3) won’t start. last time it did this, running it in kde3 for a minute fixed things, but I’d prefer not to load up kde3 again unless I actually need to. :) maybe I should go compile JuK, since I’ve been meaning to have another look at that.

the great news is that running only one X screen appears to have removed all my composite issues. the weird bugs I was seeing have gone away, and X isn’t taking up 60% of the cpu any more. :) in fact, plasma seems to be more of a cpu hog (there’s something about running lots of clocks that makes it do that, it seems). I now have beautiful mostly-smooth composite eyecandy, and I love it. :D
seriously, I spent about 5 minutes obsessing over alt-tab. :)
damn, kde4 is getting awesomer every day.

foobar says:

How did you manage to use kmail? It started crashing on me even in a pure kde3 session after i installed kde4 to /usr/local. Was fine again after a rm -r /usr/local/*

Chani says:

I use kde4 as a separate user. kontact and amarok I run as my old user – I use ssh to set up X forwarding and ssh-agent forwarding and so on.

randomguy3 says:

I had problems with KDE3 versions of Amarok and KMail in KDE4, but that was running the same session as the same user (not ssh’ing in to a KDE3 user). I solved it by su’ing to myself (with su – username), which reset the environment to a KDE3 one. However, that means that the session management stuff won’t restart them automatically when I log in.

What breaks KDE 3 KMail is this kconf_update script in kdepimlibs:

In the Fedora kdepimlibs packaging, we currently do this:
# delete KMail/KNode transport migration scripts which break KDE 3
# (we should only ship these once we start to migrate to KDE 4 kdepim)
rm -rf %{buildroot}%{_kde4_appsdir}/kconf_update
and we’ll probably have to continue doing this until kdepim 4 will be shippable.

PS: Once that script has run, the only way to unbreak your KMail 3 is to reverse the changes (reconfigure your transports) by hand.

Dan says:

When is it meant to go stable? And actually stable – as in, every reported Crash bug is addressed, if it is reproducible.

Chani says:

dan: I think the idea is that the libs (and some other stuff?) are stable but the apps aren’t. now the apps don’t have to develop against such a moving target, so maybe they can catch up.

Dan says:

Ah, so KDE4 is another half-year to a year away, if all that remains is QA and bug fixing?

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