{December 19, 2007}   alcohol, alternative to feeling like myself…

I have discovered the secret to understanding plasma: caffeine. ;)
I don’t normally have caffeine – I don’t like addictive things, and most of the stuff it’s in tastes bad to me anyways. I’d only use it when I really needed to stay awake.
well, monday night I decided to have a nice cup of green tea before bed, completely forgetting that tea contains caffeine. I couldn’t sleep until 4am. :(
wednesday afternoon I brought some tea to class (in my brand new leaky thermos) to keep warm. I only drank a little bit this time. when I got back to my computer… things just made sense. I was looking at the icon code, thinking about svg stuff that spstarr was trying to do, and it all seemed so *easy* then. never before has caffeine actually made me feel smarter and not just less sleepy. :)

of course, it faded fast, and I had to go out to a party anyways. alcohol has kinda the opposite effect… now I don’t even trust myeslf to do bug triage – but I can’t go to sleep because the assholes are having a party in hte kitchen again. on a weeknight. I hope they go out to a bar by midnight so I can at least get 6 hours of sleep :P

tomorrow I should have enough free time for code! yay! been looking forward to it all week. probably gonna look into that clock filter thing unless I find something else more useful.

liquidat says:

Like most wordpress posts the title of your post got screwed up by the planet. Any idea how to ask the Planet maintainer to update the software?

I already sent an e-mail about that, but never got an answer.

kwilliam says:

Reminds me of the XKCD comic:

Thomas Zander says:

Some time ago I worked in the office with some 6 other programmers, and the rest of the company was a couple buildings down the road.

One morning, I guess it was almost noon, we started to realize that just about all the programmers were hanging around the coffee machine and were all looking rather drowsy.
The manager walked in and quickly realized something was horribly wrong. Nothing was getting done and everyone looked like they had just ran 2 marathons!

We quickly found out that the coffee got mixed up and we got the low-caffeine stuff at the developers office that was suppost to go to the workfloor.

We very quickly flushed the coffee, got proper stuff and in no time all the programmers felt normal again, and were hard at work.

From that day on I always take to heart the saying that programmers are basically factories turning caffeine into code. :)

Chani says:

liquidat: WONTFIX. supposedly the planetkde code is so horrifically scary that he doesn’t know how to fix this bug.

liquidat says:

Strange, because the problem was already discussed at the planet e-mail-list, and a patch was proposed:

Chani says:

strange indeed.

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