{December 20, 2007}   security++

I’ve just added kwallet support to the twitter plasmoid. now my password is stored securely, instead of just obscured :) this had the happy side-effect of making it possible to have more than one twitter account, btw – I’m sure there’s some nut out there with multiple twitter-personalities who will someday be glad about this ;)

sorry, no screenshots – it doesn’t actually change the general appearance. although a few minor improvements could be made… hmm.

anyways, the important bit: if you’ve been using the twitter plasmoid, your password will be in .kde/share/config/plasmarc – *not* plasma-appletsrc. once you get this code you’ll want to remove that whole twitter config section there, because it’s unused garbage now.

for future reference, if you end up storing your twitter password in the config intentionally (there’s a confirmation if wallet access fails), the easiest way to switch to kwallet is to just remove the twitter plasmoid and add a fresh one.

Chani says:

scratch that ‘multiple accounts’ thing, I’m an idiot; hte data engine can only handle one account at a time. it should be an easy fix, though. *crosses fingers*

Chani says:

ha… easy… yeah right. looks like I’ll have to rewrite most of the data engine.

Marius says:

Hey Chani. I haven’t really kept up to date with KDE 4 , planning to though … So can I just say keep up the good work ? :) . You seem to be talking to yourself anyways so … Happened to me once while posting a bug . I posted something then I responded to myself and … oh well.
Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. May 2008 be a good one. And oh yeah if you feel like going on a vacation ( in February ? ) do it. After all we only get to live once and we’re only young once ( unlike in some SF book I’m reading ).

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