{January 4, 2008}   every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

it seems to me that this is a time of beginnings.

KDE 4.0.0 has been tagged. at least, I think it has. the last minute commits were dizzying, so I ran off and got some chores done. I’ve never seen a tagging in progress before, and I imagine the only thing that could compare to this one would’ve been 2.0 :) last-minute commits everywhere, last-minute compile failures and fixes, everyone scrambling to get one last thing in… it’s nutty :) I can see how they’d need a week to straighten things out before release.

this is the start of something big. KDE 4 has now truly begun. we have a brand new foundation here, with all sorts of possibilities. over the next few years we’ll see applications turn those possibilities into all sorts of cool new realities :) as more code takes advantage of what KDE 4 makes available, KDE will get even *more* amazing. in the next year we’ll probably see a lot of bugs being trampled. features that didn’t make it into 4.0.0 will return. eventually the stability and completeness we got used to with 3.5 will return – but with ten times the awesome. ;) and at the same time new features will emerge, probably ones we haven’t even dreamt of yet, crazy stuff that’s only possible because of the wonderful design of this foundation we’re tagging today.

I’d like to specifically congratulate everyone who’s been working their ass off on plasma recently – aseigo obviously, without whom we’d probably still be stuck with a traditional 90’s desktop for the next 5+ years. jstubbs, who’s been madly fixing bugs and seemed to be everywhere at once while aaron was on vacation – scratch that, he *still* seems to be everywhere at once. ;) gamma, for that cool new look on the toolbox; notmart, the icon fixer-upper; spstarr and his weather plasmoid… and whoever else I’ve forgotten – there’s always someone I forget. you guys have made something amazing here. for all the whiners complaining about the problem-of-the-day, there are more people silently enjoying your work, watching it grow… and it sure is going to grow. this is the beginning. this is the first release, and it’s only going to get better from here, and everyone who’s been a part of that is going to be able to look back on this someday and see that they have had a part in shaping the desktop of the future. :) and one of the things I love about open source – years from now, you’ll still randomly have people thanking you for your work :) and the complainers will probably have moved on to pick on something else.

another beginning I’ve noticed is the arrival of olpc and eee (oh yeah, and that classmate thing, and the gPC). olpc was ridiculed for trying to bring small, affordable, laptops to children in developing countries – and now everyone wants to either get one or sell their own brand of… what are these things called, exactly? sub-notebooks? whatever. they’re cheap, they’re portable, they’re opensource (mostly), they’re shiny and I WANT ONE! …but it’s too late to buy an olpc, and my laptop is still limping along, so I’m gonna wait a bit. in any case, their popularity seems like a great thing to me; finally it’s been proven that there’s a market for cheaper, slower computers. you wouldn’t believe what my mum paid to get a new work pc fast when hers was fried. the new machine is horribly overpowered for word processing. if one of these things were available back then, she would have saved a lot of money.

it’s gonna be a new beginning for me too, soon. I’ve finally let my advisor know that I don’t want to stay in china. I’m going to finish up this semester (less than 2 weeks of class left), hang around for the new years celebrations, go travel a bit, then go home. this should leave me with most of spring and summer to focus on programming, plus a few other things I wanna do in vancouver… so, SoC project ideas, anyone? :)

It’ll be nice to have lots of time to code then… but… right now, I’m trying to take Yet Another break. I kinda have these exams coming up, you see. I can’t seem to focus on chinese properly when there’s code dancing through my head, and I can’t focus on code properly when I know I should be studying, so I’m really going to try to disappear for a couple of weeks. my twitter stuff got committed, and since it took longer than I expected I didn’t actually start anything else, so all the unstarted things are going to have to be dumped into basKet again… I have way too much stuff in there :)

so, happy new year everyone :) may 2008 bring many new adventures. we live in interesting times, and we may as well enjoy it :)

Chris says:

I don’t think it’s been tagged yet, or at least it’s not (yet) showing up in the websvn list of tags as I write!

Thomas Zander says:

About the first parags on kde400&plasma. All I’ll add is a “So say we all!” :)

Richard says:

I am one of those “people silently enjoying your work, watching it grow”.

I suppose not so silent now.

robbat2 says:

Should I uncancel the phone? I think there’s a couple of days left before it goes away for good, so speak now, and I’ll call Fido in the morning.

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