{January 11, 2008}   china, computers, and other randomness

it seems I haven’t been writing about china much lately. funny that – my nonkde posts aren’t on planetkde any more, and suddenly there are hardly any of them anyways. maybe because I don’t expect anyone to read them now.

anyways, my brain is going a mile a minute tonight for no apparent reason, so I need to braindump again. normally I’d be quite happy about this, but I was just starting to get into study mode and now I fear that this will derail that by switching me into creative mode. I want to write about plasma, I want to figure out what I’m gonna be working on, I wanna fix bugs, I wanna play go – but no, I should study, because I’m horribly behind and chinese requires actual studying to pass.

I’ve been spending far too much time alone in my room lately. it’s not good – but now it’s exam season, so everyone else is busy too, so it’s a bit late to deal with that. just gotta hold on to some form of sanity until exams are over :) although when they’re done I might want to dive back into plasma anyways, which reduces the socialization time… on the other hand, I might not, and then I’d be sad about not wanting to code when there’s so much to be done.

sometimes it seems like I have a social life here, sometimes it doesn’t. there are a couple of chinese comp sci people who were assigned to me and pete back in summer, and I enjoy hanging out with them, but they’re often busy with school and of course they’re way out at zijingang. I still haven’t got around to making them teach me to play mahjong – damn, I’ve forgotten the proper characters for it too. pronounced something like ma jiang, but of course I’ve forgotten the tones…

anyways, there’s also a 2nd cohort ddp guy I hang out with sometimes (he introduced me to the restaurant that puts potatoes on its pizzas – yum!) and there’s a german girl here at my campus (although our taste in food is almost completely different, so we can rarely agree on somewhere to eat) and just before new years I met some fun people at another campus who I haven’t talked to since their awesome new years party… it was really nice to be at a good party; hadn’t actually enjoyed one in china before that. can’t remember if I blogged about it. they had all sorts of food, including potato salad, and they had music and dancing, and even a few fireworks that supposedly were quite hard to get :)

maybe I shouldn’t be swatting away rsibreak. not good for my wrists, but I don’t wanna stop typing :P

oh god, am I ever sick of the konqueror wordpress bugs. I had to go back to kde3’s konq because of the proxy breakage (hey Andreas, how’s that going? never got a reply to my email) and it seems I’ve still got 3.5.7 here; I wanna get off feisty, but gutsy has too many breakages that would affect me, and I’m not in the mood to try new distros right now. when I get home I’m definitely gonna use my desktop system for testing out some other distros; I’ve had quite enough of this. I just hope I can actually find something that works better for me than kubuntu feisty.

but enough about my poor dying laptop. um. where was I? I still have too much in my head. a lot of it is about plasma. looks like people are going to be actually doing some planning soon, so I wanna do some too. however, I’m reluctant to commit to anything. I’ve just been bouncing around too randomly. maybe committing to something would help stop that now actually, since I soon won’t have to worry about school. march – august will be 6 fun months of mostly programming, if all goes well. :) …I still worry about the ‘if’ part, though. I have these fears that one of the universities is going to screw me over somehow. they’re already saying they’ll still charge me for the spring semester than I’m in the process of withdrawing from.

there’s gonna be a hell of a lot for me to do soon. that’s good and bad, I suppose. mostly good. I need to plan out where I’m going to travel, organize some kde materials in case these crazy chinese actually really *do* expect me to speak about it in beijing, book a flight back to canada, look into housing… also have to do some maintenance on the poor old laptop so that it stays usable until I get home, and track down a really annoying elusive bug… oh yeah, and I was kinda planning to do coding and socializing once exams are over :P

when I get back to canada I’ll be busy too. I’ll have to do apartment-hunting for real (I’m hoping to get into a really nice co-op in new west, but they seem unlikely to have space by then, so I’ll probably have to find other co-ops and see if they have fun people). I’ll have to revive my social life (yay, one thing that’s guaranteed to be fun). I won’t have to get a new phone, yay, because robin uncancelled my old one. although I might anyways, when other things are dealt with. I’ll have to write a soc proposal. I’ll have to figure out travel plans for akademy. I’ll probably have to do a bunch of tech support for my mum. I’ll have to get back in shape, because with the price of bus fares these days i’ll probably be riding my bike a lot – not having a upass until september will suck. :( and I’m also hoping to do lots of reading, and learn more about qt, and permaculture stuff (I really, really wanna grow some raspberries), and get better at playing go and juggling and a bazillion other things. :) no idea how I’ll fit all that in, but I guess I’ll have to figure that out later. and then of course there’s still plasma. and certain people that I’ll need to spent a lot of time with. :)

whee, so many exciting things coming up. I just hope I can keep the enthusiasm and not sink back into apathy.

lately I’ve taken to practicing juggling while I wait for food. I can’t do it everywhere, because some places have too much food nearby or don’t seem clean enough, but it often seems to impress the staff :) at one place it turned out that one of the guys could juggle, too. I’ve also been trying to practice playing my harmonica a bit more, although I really need to find a c# one so that I’m not stuck in the key of C :P

aand my train of thought just got derailed by someone on jabber adding me and trying to talk to me in a language I don’t understand. huh. second time that’s happened to me recently. they start with english, but then go off into something else, and I never know who they are or how they found me.

mmm, nutella. I brought back a second jar of nutella in september, because real chocolate here is rare and the same price as in canada (snickers bars use the fake waxy stuff). originally I was saving it for spring semester, but since I’m now leaving soon, I’ve suddenly got this big jar that needs eating! :)

my mind appears to be slowing down a bit, now. bit of a shame, but maybe it means I can get some food and study a bit. or maybe I’ll return to irc procrastination – I’ve been doing far too much of that. :)

the first sentence of this paragraph seems to have vanished. huh. it was something about plasma planning, I think. I already organized my plasma basket yesterday (free layout is fun at first but gets so messy!). I think I need to sort out which ideas and bugs in there are actually being worked on by others, which I’d like to work on, and which I actually expect to work on. and get the ones I expect to work on onto techbase, along with a clearer version of my plasma braindump. maybe I can make up some private pages and mess around on those. I wish I could be at the release event… but I’m looking forward to akademy already :)

Thomas Zander says:

/me is reading your non-kde blogs still!

This one seems to come directly from your diary :P

Keep it up, and most of all, do what you like :)

Marius says:

Chani I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while and you know what , it was time for some non technical stuff. And that’s coming from a someone who likes technical stuff :).
Having said that I must also say …. wow. This is some braindump. Good thing I was getting bored at work so I had no problem reading it all. I did loose track of things a bit by the time I got to the end of it though :).
By the way if you’re ever in the mood of talking or something add me up on jabber , mforce2 at . Hope this is a proper Jabber address , haven’t used jabber in quite a while. I do promise not to talk in some strange language ( that would be Romanian ).
Other than that I wish you all the best and try organizing the things you do. One at a time usually works best. When I try to do so many things I mostly get nothing done and don’t even enjoy it much.

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