{January 17, 2008}   oh yeah, there’s a *reason* I don’t travel much

ugh. I’m feeling burnt out.
I spent most of yesterday looking for hostels, taking notes and comparing and trying to get maps n’stuff, and also making several attempts at booking a flight home.
today, after my exam, I spent the afternoon making several *more* attempts to book a flight – never have I run into so many goddamn problems. if it wasn’t the website ui’s themselves, it was something in the visa part… in any case, I eventually gave up and sent my dad an email asking him to do it. at least if things go wrong on his end he can call a phone number that’ll *exist*.

there was one nice thing today – it was snowing in the morning. if I hadn’t had an exam I would’ve slept through that – it was all melted and gone by lunchtime. now it’s just bloody cold, without the pretty snow.

I don’t want to think, I don’t want to do… I just want to curl up in bed and rest. or do go problems. in highschool I could spend hours doing math contest problems, and now it seems go problems fill the same desire for nice little solvable puzzles :) I don’t have to worry about running into something that’s too hard or unsolvable or anything, so they’re perfect for these times when I’ve already had my fill of frustration for the day.

I’m going to be flying back on march 6th, btw. before that I’ll probably spend the first half of february relaxing and coding (and preparing to leave), and the second half wandering about the country. I still kinda have to figure out where I’ll actually go, other than beijing and xi’an :)

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