{January 19, 2008}   code style n’stuff

some people may have noticed I’m being a bit of a style nazi recently. I don’t mean to annoy (ok, today I’m in a crappy mood and *do* want to annoy people, but I’m trying not to let it show) but I really think coding style is important. it’s a little thing that makes a big difference.
I was thinking about writing a blog about it, but it seems there are a couple of good blog posts on the subject already. the second one is aimed towards companies, but I think this is an even more important thing in free software – anyone can read our code, so it’d be nice if they don’t cringe when they see it :)

anyways… that kinda cuts my blog post short. no need for me to repeat what they’ve said.

hey, so trolltech’s finally ready to license qt under gpl3 as well as the existing licenses. yay! :) awesomeness.

it seems most people are having lots of fun at the release party, too (how dare they have fun without me! ;). all the talk about the release party makes it really hard for me to want to study. but my most important exam is on monday… just a few more days, then I’ll be freeee! despite trying not to spend all my time on plasma stuff, I still ended up fixing a few bugs, and writing stuff, and things… hey, if I’m gonna procrastinate, I might as well procrastinate by doing something useful, right?

Diederik says:

Yes, I agree about coding style being important. At my former job everyone used the same coding style, and this made it a lot easier to understand each others code.

NoW iMagine eVeryOne tAkiNg a dIffereNt wRitinG styLe.. it just doesn’t read as quick as using the same style universally.

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