{January 26, 2008}   busy busy

whew. thursday and friday were long days. in the middle of redownloading my email thursday, kontact crashed, and when I started it back up and it started redownloading email, the whole system went down. heard some weird beeps, kontact was frozen, then everything was frozen, then I lost my mouse pointer… hitting ctrl-alt-delete made a beep but didn’t actually shut down, so I had to do a hard reboot. when it came back up, I had filesystem damage, and had to reisefsck –rebuildtree :( the upside of this is that it forced me to do a backup beforehand. now I guess I should back up the repaired filesystem. :)

so anyways, I also had to do some minor shoe repairs before heading out to meet my friend – I left the computer happily downloading mail again, and went out and had a fun evening. ended up meeting some guys in a bar… when they saw my harmonica they insisted I come back for a jam session on wednesday, even though I can’t really play… hehe. well, it’ll be interesting. if only I could remember whether they said 7 or 9…

the next day I had to wake up early to meet a chinese friend and sort out travel plans. my phone was out of money and he was delayed, so it was a while before we actually met up, but his travel agent friend was quite nice… unfortunately she was having trouble getting me any of the places I was interested in going, so now I have a list of packaged tours and her phone number. I’ll have to figure out later whether I’m actually interested in any of them.

after that it was a hurried lunch and off to see a teacher for some last-minute bureaucracy. seems the messages finally filtered through, and now I have to fill out forms before I can leave this school. after filling them out, I had to bike around campus getting them stamped… china really likes its stamps :P

I was feeling pretty tired after that, and I ended up sleeping through dinnertime and missing a poker game… oh well. missed a chance to lose a bunch of money, I guess :) then I woke up just before midnight – sleeping through dinnertime is really bad – and saturday moprning I slept in past 1pm :/ after finishing up a patch and dealing with bugzilla/mailinglist stuff the day was pretty much over. I went out for dinner (see, I’m still eating at least one meal a day) and discovered it had been snowing :) there was enough snow on the ground to make snowballs! :D

now it’s sunday morning, and I’m wearing gloves it’s so cold in here. this makes it a bit hard to type without sliding onto other keys, but it reduced the problem of hittingthe the wrong keys because of my fingers being numb :P it seems my touchpad doesn’t like this, though. I can move the mouse a little but not scroll.

I need to debug an annoying twitter engine bug today, and I’m procrastinating. I don’t like this bug. maybe I can procrastinate by making a separate account for testing purposes…

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