{January 29, 2008}   another busy day.

so sunday and monday I did nothing. dunno why, just didn’t feel like doing *anything*. :(
this morning I got woken up (multiple times) by my friend phoning me. I thought I was never going to see here again; turns out there was a mixup with the dates she’d told me, and she had gone to hainan earlier than I expected, but now she’s back for a few more days :) yay.

so eventually I decided it was time to get up, and went out with her for a fancy lunch. yummy kiwi drink, mushroom soup, veggies with cream sauce, a chocolate cake-like dessert… all of it was amazingly delicious. :) tourist prices of course, but well worth it.

after that we went to the hairdresser – she was scared to go alone in case they misunderstood and messed up her hair, and I’d been avoiding it for the same reason. now I wish I’d gone months ago; it was great :) they washed our hair, and I got a massage before my haircut, and then afterwards I chatted with some of the hairdressers ’cause my friend’s hair still wasn’t done (straightening takes aaages). and all that for only 20 kuai each (about $3); in canada I’d have to pay $20 just for a normal haircut.

after that I had to go shopping, urgh. I hate shopping. I was a little stressed when I couldn’t find the right type of batteries at haoyouduo (type C is always a hassle) but the third salesperson I talked to went to a pile of boxes and started searching; I think he was on the tenth box when he finally found them :) so now I have my batteries, and a mini adaptor plug for my laptop so I don’t have to lug a whole power bar up to beijing with me (uhh, now let’s hope the thing I bought does work in beijing!).

I should have stopped for dinner on the way home, really. I almost forgot about food again. guess I’ll head back out now… urgh, but I’m just so drained. I wish I could just pull something out of a freezer and microwave it…
still, today was fun. so yay. and there’s still a bit of snow on the ground, sorta.

Thomas Zander says:

you waited *months* since going to the hairdresser? Whoa, I thought only guys did that :)
Must be a geek thing, then…

So, did you cut it all off, or is it still long(ish)?

Chani says:

well, when I first came to china – back in may – I had no hair. :) got it cut off for a fundraiser, remember? so I wanted to grow it out for winter, have something to protect my ears a bit at least.

it’s not much different from before it was cut – but now it looks like a hairstyle instead of just a pile of hair. ;) I think I lost more than an inch off the back… and it was almost long enough to get into a ponytail too :/ I’m always torn between wanting to get it cut, and wanting to have it longer.

I think this is actually the first time I’ve paid for a haircut in… umm… 3 or 4 years? or maybe longer, since the first time I did the fundraiser thing it hadn’t been cut in a while and was getting split ends. (dying hair is a terrible thing to do to it – the bleaching makes it so weak and unhealthy-feeling…)

Thomas Zander says:

I personally didn’t remember a fundraiser, I’m now having some wild thoughts about how you must have been looked upon when travelling without hair ;)

Honestly, I have no clue what you look like. (you could be a dog for all I know *grin*). But, (sorta) short haired it is!

Sounds like you should at least have another haircut before you fly back to Canada, the massage alone is worth it.


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