{February 13, 2008}   packing up

Where on earth did the last two weeks go?

…programming, I guess. Little things. I remember diving into clock code to figure out why the heck the svg wasn’t being drawn right, tearing my hair out over it – but ending up with a much better understanding of.. um… something. I remember fixing up small issues with the notes applet (at the same time as three other people, it turned out). I remember cleaning up the twitter engine a little. I remember spending excessive amounts of time on irc, as usual – but hey, it’s fun. I remember spending far, far too much time trying to help a guy with his computer problems… only to have him do yet-another windows reinstall while I wasn’t there, and wipe linux along with the iso I’d just gotten him to download. (Apparently his friend finally got the networking to work, but now he has no sound, and I think chinese support is still fscked. meh, whatever.)

True, I had been planning to lose myself in code for that time, but I’d forgotten how damn *fast* time passes when I do that.

Chinese new year… had a lot of fireworks. Really a lot. It started on the 6th, and for some reason I was really sleepy that day. Just barely woke up in time for the school dinner (food sucked, but we got free money) and then fell back asleep afterwards despite the constant barrage of fireworks for the entire night. Whoops. Had meant to go to the bar that night, oh well…
The days after that had lesser amounts of fireworks, but still a lot. I got woken up by them around 8am this morning. :P

Hard to believe it’s wednesday already. Or, thursday technically, seeing as it’s 3:30am. I spent most of tuesday and wednesday lazing around, sleeping, drifting in and out… then realised that I was supposed to be leaving really soon and the travel agent *still* had not got me train tickets. If I can’t get a straight answer from her tomorrow I’ll have to try buying them myself, and hope they still have some… ugh. Hard to remember *not* to assume people will do things they say they’ll do, here.

So yeah, hopefully I’ll be leaving for beijing on sunday. We’ll see. It still hasn’t really hit me. I started to go through my stuff this evening, preparing to pack up. I’ve found a couple of people willing to store my suitcases while I’m up north. :) I basically have everything I need except train tickets.

If anyone wants anything from china, now’s the time to ask. No guarantees though – I think my suitcases are gonna be pretty heavy already.

Oh, and I decided to try this ‘capital letters’ thing for this blog post ;) Since aseigo’s using them, I guess it can’t be that bad, eh? Did you guys notice?

[Edit: I just noticed aaron *hasn’t* been using capital letters lately. huh. Just shows how little I notice such things. :) ]

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