{March 3, 2008}   summer is coming

it’s that time of year again, when young developers’ minds turn towards… well… more coding. :) Summer of Code is revving up for another year. ideas are coming together. sure, it’s not summer yet (it’s bloody cold in shanghai, actually, and I’m hivering as I write this) but preparations are made earlier every year, and anyone who’s serious about SoC knows that the early bird gets the t-shirt. ;)

to the students at the beijing conference who weren’t sure how to get involved (if any of you are reading this): now’s your chance. SoC is all about helping students break into the free software community.

really, all comp sci students should be applying for SoC :) it’s frigging awesome. you get to spend the whole summer hacking, on your own schedule, get paid for it, *and* you get shiny google gear. oh yeah, and something cool to put on your resume. and you get to make friends in whichever corner of the community you contribute to, become a part of that community, and next year have other new developers looking up to you and asking you questions :)

remember, community and communication are incredibly important things. good communication before your application gives you a much better chance of being accepted, because developers who don’t communicate aren’t very useful – especially in larger projects. we’re all in this together; developers help each other out, discuss ideas together, and try to avoid stepping on each others’ toes. a happy, friendly community makes working on the code much more enjoyable. :)

as for myself… I’ve been too busy to think much about SoC yet. haven’t put up any of my ideas for plasma or anything. I’m not even sure whether I should participate as a student, or as a mentor, or just skip this year. I’d like to do another project, and the money would be useful, but I’m not sure if any of my ideas are really project-size, and I have so many, many ideas that I’m not sure I’d like sticking to just one. I also kinda feel like I’d be taking a spot away from potential new students who need the mentoring more than me. it kinda seems like plasma could use another mentor, but I’m not sure I’d be any good at that, and it’d take away from *my* hacking time.

ah well. I still have a couple of weeks to decide.

nick shaforostoff says:

same with me. maybe we could make a ‘meta’ application, e.g. ‘overall improvement’, with detailed list of thing to be done?..

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