{March 5, 2008}   reading chinese menus

I’ve noticed that reading menus is a lot easier these days.

I don’t think it’s that I know more words… most of my vocabulary has nothing to do with food. I’m still usually just looking for dishes that are familiar, and avoiding anything with a meat character. I think the key is that I recognise characters *faster* now, and the one I’m searching for starts to pop out of the page, the way english words do when I’m searching for them. my mind’s starting to make those connections and wire itself up for processing chinese characters as actual language, not pictures.

this reminds me of a language-game idea I had, that I never wrote… a kinda wordsearch-like game where you just show a grid of random characters and the user has to click a certain one as fast as possible. a nice simple little timed game. options could be added to have multiple instances of the character to find, or to find whole words instead, maybe have a pretty svg restaurant theme in the background…

Blair Smith says:

Not a bad idea, could be useful for short quizzes in language classes. =P

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