{March 13, 2008}   I can has containments?

after aaron’s talk of using different containments for different behaviour, I decided to try making one myself. it’s been pretty easy so far: I did some copy-and-paste, a lot of deleting, then added a few lines and had my very own minimalist desktop. :)

it’s not much to look at, being just a solid colour that matches the plasma theme, so the obligatory screenshot shows it zoomed out, on the left. yes, it also happens to show a few bugs in trunk.

Heller says:

I was wondering, if I need the “mousewheel on the desktop switch to the next desktop” feature, the code must go in a containment like this one ?

Chani says:

good question.
you probably *could* do it that way. I dunno if it’s the only way or the best way, though.
in my mind I have this vague idea of being able to configure mouse actions in a similar way to keyboard shortcuts, but since we haven’t even had time to put keyboard shortcuts in plasma… well… it’s just a really fuzzy idea with no basis in reality.

Scott says:


I was just curious how the managing of containments is done? Ie, how do you choose which appear and which is the default?

Chani says:

Scott: right now you have to edit the config file, and the default is hardcoded in. aaron’s been actively working on containments though, so maybe that’ll change in a day or two. :)

Scott says:

Follow-up question: why does that lady on the right hand side of the blog have no hands?!


Chani says:

better question: why’s there no face? :) if you look closely it’s just clothes and hair.

Scott says:

Tagline for my new book:

Women: They’re Just Clothes and Hair.

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