{March 13, 2008}   making sense of plasma

there’s a lot of information about plasma out there. really, there is. the problem is that it’s scattered randomly across teh intarwebs, so finding the information you actually want is really… not feasible. it ends up being far easier to ask people who already know, which sucks up their time, and then they don’t get to code as much (which leads to grumpiness).

so, we decided it’s about time something was done about this. as I was planning stuff in my head, aaron made a post on the mailinglist, and so then I got my act together and set up a wiki page to co-ordinate efforts.

the idea is that anyone who has some free time can come along, pick a month’s worth of data (or some other data they know of that’s not listed), pull out all the useful information, sort it and post it on the wiki. eventually I’m hoping that we’ll end up with a nice pile of data that can be cleaned up into something that might someday resemble documentation, or at least make proper documentation a less painful task. :)

I, uh, kinda got disctracted by code and… didn’t actually *do* any work on gathering data myself… yet… but we have a few people helping out already, yay :) (grundleborg and mmauder, thank you!!)

this kind of work doesn’t require any coding ability. it’s a great way to contribute to plasma. please, help out!

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