{March 17, 2008}   activity switching committed

after a bit more bugfixing and cleanup, I committed the code I was blogging about the other day. there hasn’t been any UI change, but if you kquitapp plasma and edit your plasma-appletsrc to contain a second desktop containment (just copy&paste, remember to change the UID), you’ll be able to zoom out and switch between the two. :)
next up: a button for adding new ones.

I guess I really should blog about my olpc now.

NasaK says:

Hello Chani..

Nice to see, that containments (well activities :) ) are getting into shape last days.. But is it necessary to kill plasma all over again, when I want to edit plasmarc file?

Oh, btw nice work.. :) I’m looking forward to try it out..

Chani says:

don’t kill it! :( kquitapp it! :)

the reason this is necessary is that plasma saves its config on exit – so if you manually edit the file while it’s running, your changes will just be overwritten.

this is kinda annoying sometimes, but once the ui catches up then you won’t need to mess with config files :)

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