{March 17, 2008}   all your desktop are belong to us

I’m working on desktop containment switching. today, despite many distractions, I gained the ability to zoom into different activities! yay! it took very little code; the hard part was wrapping my head around how all the bits and pieces worked so that I could see which little bit of code to tweak.

no screenshot today; I’ll post one when we have an ‘add activity’ button. :)

in other news, having a life again is fun. vancouver continues to be awesome. despite the rain.

pete says:

Glad you’re back enjoying the best country on earth!

Can you tell me, is the desktop background a containment? Could it be switched out for an interactive calendar (plasmoid) for example?

LJ says:

Vancouver is sooooo expensive. Was considering moving there a couple of months back but when I did the cost of living numbers they just didn’t pan out… Though I hear is a nice city =).


Chani says:

pete: exactly! :)
you can use the analog clock as your desktop containment if you like. right now there’s a bit of extra code that goes into making a plasmoid containment-capable, so you can’t just drop in *any* applet… I wonder if it really has to be that way, though…

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