{April 11, 2008}   tokamak!

so I’m in Italy now, for the plasma sprint. about a dozen plasma hackers (plus p.) all under one roof. it’s been fun so far :) as usual, I didn’t sleep much on the plane, so I’m incredibly exhausted. we reached the hotel around dinnertime last night (after some confusion with the directions), had some yummy pizza and wine, then hung out at the bar for a while. actually being able to chat with KDE developers face to face is pretty awesome. they’re a cute bunch of geeks too. ;)
by the time I actually stumbled off to bed last night it was midnight, which is part of the reason I’m so humongously exhausted. I think it was a good idea, though; I woke up around 4am for a while, but managed to fall back asleep, so I ended up sleeping through the night despite jetlag. :) yay. I was worried that I’d end up awake at night and dozing off in the day, but instead I’ve managed to be asleep at night and just a little sleep-deprived during the day. tea helps.

anyways, I guess I should go get some stuff done. the morning vanished pretty quickly with lots of general talk about what we want to work on. I got a chance to talk about screensaver stuff already… and given my current half-crazed state I should probably write it all down before it leaves my memory. I don’t think my longterm memory is functioning right now. tea doesn’t help *that* much.

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