{April 13, 2008}   “add activity” button

whee! *finally*, after ten billion things getting in the way, I have committed the ‘add activity’ button. now everyone can zoom out and create extra desktop containments to hold lots and lots of applets. also, it’s not hardcoded to the “desktop” containment: if you’re using something else, it’ll load that type of containment for you (I’ve been using blankdesktop regularly).

of course, there are still a few bugs: the toolboxes appear in strange places when zoomed out (that should be fixed tomorrow), and sometimes you end up with some of the containments offscreen and it’s hard to get back to them… but trunk svn is a teensy bit unstable right now anyways ;)

I guess the next feature the ui needs is either the ability to add an arbitrary type of containment, or the ability to swap out containments from under the applets (something I don’t quite grok yet, so don’t ask me to explain). I’d like to go focus on some other things for now, though. maybe come back to zui features in a week or two.

Chani says:

huh. according to aaron’s blog I’m working on a certain patch. I guess I’d better start working on that now, then ;)

lp says:

He has learned how to both delegate tasks and motivate people to work on them in the same time. No wonder that he has become a de facto project leader for KDE. ;)

Hans says:

Wait a minute, so the zoom buttons are actually useful now?


You.. can’t just do… that!

It’ll be interesting to svn up, although I think I’ll wait a couple of days when things have cooled down a bit. Great work. :)

Dan says:

I see a problem: your virtual desktops indicate a single-head setup.

That’s just wrong. No one has worked without dual monitors since the 90s. Get thee to netlink!

I don’t have dual monitors, yet… (things will hopefully change asap)

pinda says:

Cool, nice work :) I can’t wait to try out the activities when trunk has stabilized a bit again. It seems tokamak is quite productive :p.

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