{April 13, 2008}   tokamak day 3-ish

italy is awesome. :) nice food, beer, wine… I was even talked into drinking some coffee, which I normally hate… and of course, I’m surrounded by intelligent programmers all day long :)
last night we took a break from hacking and went out to have a fancy dinner and see a bit of the city. :) there are such amazing old buildings in europe. they really don’t make things like they used to.
today I finally beat a bug I’d been fighting for most of yesterday (iirc – the lack of sleep makes my memory quite unreliable), got that ‘add activity’ thing done, watched api review, and got keyboard shortcuts planned out. yays! I feel productive. :) I wasn’t feeling so productive yesterday when I was beating my head against the wall with that darn bug…

anyways, so much to do… right now I’ve gotta see if I can prevent the notes applet from re-saving its configuration after it’s supposed to be destroyed…

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