{April 15, 2008}   post-tokamak

wow. it’s over already. hard to believe.

on monday I got through the last of the things I needed to discuss, which was good. api review continued, and was quite amusing at times. I was feeling quite tired, and sick of pizza… sadly I didn’t get much programming done. just one of those days; my mind wouldn’t quite seem to focus, I had to get started on things that weren’t easy to start… eventually I wandered off to a quiet room to better understand keyboard shortcuts, and then aaron and I wrote a bit of code – him more than me, though. I did finally get started on stuff, but by then it was late, and everyone was going to bed, and I’d run out of coke, so I stopped for the night.

tuesday morning, pretty much everyone was gone – my flight is on wednesday, so I slept in. me and windowsuninstall and ruphy were hanging out at the house being tired, but then ruphy’s parents showed up and we had to clean stuff :P I’m not quite sure where the day went, but it went fairly quickly. with the sprint over, I was exhausted and cranky and really just wanted to be in bed. and now I am in bed, yay. :)

I understand why they’re called sprints now. it was fucking exhausting. it was still awesome, though. :) I’m really glad I finally got to meet the people I’ve been working with, n’stuff. it’s a shame we all live so far apart… clearly someone needs to make a teleportation plasmoid ;)
I’m gonna go collapse now.

ryan says:

I take it you are the one permanently asleep in the pictures linked on aaron’s blog? :)
Always happens to me that, 90% photo of me at a recent conference shows me seemingly really drunk and with my name helpfully linked for google below! Had to explain to my prof that in fact I am victim of cruel selection effect (ie good photos of me never exit cameras, while all bad ones post themselves to web).

Gan bei! (that right?)

Heller says:

Can you give us some details about all these keyboard-shortcut things you looks so interested for ?


Chani says:

there are photos of both me and ruphy sleeping… he’s the one hugging his laptop ;)

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