{April 18, 2008}   back in canada

I was kinda sad to leave italy, but happy to be going home. The world is just so full of awesome, I wish I could be everywhere at once. ;)

In some senses it’s still a small world, though. While I was waiting for the train to the airport, I was wandering around outside, looking at the few stalls that were open… I saw some hats for sale, and when I went up to look at them the chinese shopkeeper came out and started jabbering at me in italian… I couldn’t understand what he was saying, so I tried chinese, and we ended up chatting for a few minutes. :) it turns out he’s actually from hangzhou! (the city I was studying in.) there were some more people speaking mandarin on the train too, and iirc I’d had a short chat with a chinese guy on the flight from amsterdam to italy, but I wasn’t really feeling talkative then.

the flight back home was… tiring. I did at least get a small amount of sleep this time. I’ve noticed a few things about airlines: the ‘vegetarian’ meal option seems to be fully vegan (meaning I missed out on cake, but got more fruit), and yet snacks aren’t taken into consideration at all – I got cheese and meat sandwiches on the flight from italy to amsterdam. also, metal cutlery is returning… although security measures continue to get more and more crazy and annoying. I think I like KLM as an airline; their meals can be a little weird, but they get the little things right – headphones always works, the toilets have paper towel, etc.

one thing I noticed as the plane was taking off was that milan looks a lot… greener than vancouver. there seemed to be bright green fields everywhere. very pretty. :) another thing I miss about europe is the wildflowers – instead of just having boring grass everywhere, I saw pretty flowers that would probably be treated as weeds out here. yellow dandilions, white daisies, blue and purple flowers I forget the names of, and some others I don’t know at all.

now that I’m back, it seems my body is getting revenge for all the fun I had and sleep I missed. I’ve got a really annoying cough&cold that’s half-killed my voice. :P but I also have pete taking care of me and cooking me dinner n’stuff, so it’s not so bad. :) I think I’ll just curl up in bed and read books for a while – I’ll have to blog about the interesting stuff I’m reading. :)

Ben says:

Could the blue and purple have been violets? Just a wild guess.

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