{April 20, 2008}   weather

while aaron dealt with snow in calgary, vancouver decided to just take a quick hop through every season in one evening. friday (I think it was friday?) afternoon, everything was bright and sunny – so sunny that pete went down to the lake to watch birds and enjoy the weather. but around 6 or 7, there was a bright flash of lightning… we looked up from our laptops as a huge thunderclap shook the house. outside, there was hail falling. o.0 supposedly pete heard one more thunderclap, but I didn’t notice any. just that one.

after dinner, I looked outside again to see humongous fluffy bunnies snowflakes falling, and sticking. they continued all night – early in the morning I saw nearly an inch of snow on the ground.
the rest of saturday morning was beautifully sunny again, and pretty soon, all the snow had vanished, as if it had never happened. pete was out feeding the ducks again in the afternoon. I just wish I’d remembered that there was a camera I could have taken pictures with. >.<

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