{May 26, 2008}   getting to the root of the problem

so today was officially the start of summer of code, but I wasn’t at my computer. I spent the day playing in the dirt ;)

We were woke up this morning by the arrival of a truckload of dirt – we weren’t actually expecting it until the afternoon. soon after that, my friend showed up with a bed for me. yay, real bed, no more futon mattresses on the floor :) so we got the bed set up, moved some of the dirt, and had some breakfast.

once breakfast was dealt with, I went out to help pete with the humongous pile of dirt. it was a LOT of dirt. a mountain of it. way more than we needed. anyways, he asked me to do some weeding – the morning glories needed to be pulled out. I was a bit disappointed at first ’cause I think they’re pretty, but then I saw why they must be killed: they were everywhere. around the deck, under the deck, *in* the deck, around the house, and of course in the flowerbeds.

so, I started tearing it up. the more I pulled, the more I got. I ended up kneeling in the dirt, following the root systems and pulling them out as much as possible. the roots had gone right *through* the planks that were the border of this flowerbed, and when I realised one plank was loose and pulled it up, I just saw a huge mass of roots. I was digging about 6 inches down getting as much out as I could. eventually I took off my shoes because they kept cutting off circulation to my feet. I was pretty dirty already by then. it was fun :D

while I was digging up roots, pete was shoveling and wheelbarrowing dirt around. he covered the backyard, gave some of it to neighbours, covered the space beside the deck (after mowing the area and putting down some layers of grass clippings and cardboard), put more dirt on everything, and *still* had a big pile of it sitting in the alley, and the sun was starting to go down… so he moved that pile as much onto our property as possible – I came to help with the last bit of that as I’d finished clearing the flowerbed – and then we headed inside for dinner. hooray for roommates cooking. (they weren’t around for most of the yardwork because they had to go to work.)

of course, I had to shower before eating, since my hands and legs were totally covered in dirt. :) it took a lot of scrubbing to get most of it off. I still have a little on my hand. :P

now I’m fed, and tired, and… holy crap it’s almost 10pm. the day is pretty much over, and I haven’t had any time to code. Tomorrow I should be back on the computer, though. lots to do. :) according to my schedule I’ve given myself three weeks to get plasma and a screensaver displaying properly together, but I do hope it won’t take that long… I’d really rather have that happen tomorrow ;) gotta have those unreachable goals to aim for, y’know.

oh, and keyboard shortcuts have changed slightly for the sake of non-US keyboards. they may change again (specifically, ‘zoom in’ probably will).

tom says:

Im a great fan of your current zooming interface work. This is one of kde4 coolest new features but worry that the concept of configuring this
is to complicated for an average user (like me :-) Why not merge or replace the concept of virtual desktops with zooming interface. Imho little plasmoid like the pager with
a button in the middle what shows the same as you see when you currently ctrl F6 but with the possibilities of the zoom out look.The other pager buttons should switch
between the activities. This would be an easy understandable incremental improvement over the pager. As side effect this could fix the different wallpaper on virtual desktops problem and
some usability problems with the plasma button. The whole idea is so cool that it should not be complex to switch between activities.

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