{June 6, 2008}   let there be code!

I just pushed the first bits of my soc code to my public git repo. :) the code is awful and hackish and probably has lots of problems besides those noted in the merge commit-message, but it runs and you can add widgets. :)

right now there are two main problems with it. first, the only way to stop it is with `kquitapp plasma-overlay`. it’s easy to hide it, but impossible to re-show it. second, when it’s started via the screensaver, it shows up *under* the screensaver. fun, huh? oh, and if you want to compile it, see README.git first. and be aware that it’s based on a copy of workspace/ that may not be entirely up-to-date (aren’t bic changes fun?). doing a git svn rebase seems to spew commit messages all over gitorious; I wish there was a way around that.

I’m hoping that ossi can help me get it running over the screensaver nicely, because that code isn’t always easy to understand. aseigo, ossi, sebas: if any of you have time, please review the code for me :) I’ve never really written an app from scratch, there’s lots of copy&paste from plasma/plasma, and I’m sure there are tons of things I’ve done wrong. (should my app even be a KUniqueApp in the first place? should it fork? etc, etc…)

oh, and I suppose I should add my own name to some of the copyright somewhere. I’m terrible at attribution – there must be a ton of files in plasma that should have my name in them and don’t :P

now, since I don’t see aaron or ossi online, I guess I’ll work on making my own containment so I can stop using the desktop one. :)

I looked up what project for the SoC this is, apparently this – – one. I don’t really understand how screensavers are still useful. Isn’t it a better idea to save energy and turn monitors off if they’re not used, which defeats the idea of using screensavers? No offense meant, but this project seems to be more of a gimmick than functional. Or was the project not intended to produce a useful feature, and is the goal to get more experience in developing Plasma?

sandsmark says:

Screensavers are very useful, especially when you lock the screen. Just because you don’t use them, or see any use for them, doesn’t mean noone else does.

menot says:

“just because you don’t use them, doesn’t mean noone else does”… errrm… just because somebody is using it doesn’t mean there needs to be a screensaver. Just get it locked. Running a fashionable screensaver is just a means to waste energy. That’s what Alex was saying and I agree

Michael says:

The reason that you don’t need screensavers to lock the screen is the sane reason that you don’t need a compositing window manager to manage your windows.The reason that you don’t need screensavers to lock the screen is the sane reason that you don’t need a compositing window manager to manage your windows. Both can be turned off if you want.

Chani says:

the scenarios given in my project proposal, and pasted into one of my earlier blog posts, seemed to do a good job of showing most people what this is useful for.

if you don’t see why it’s useful, then don’t use it. simple as that. plenty of other people *do* have a use for it.

Kitsune says:

Personally, I’m really looking forward to this. If my laptop is on, then Amarok is generally on and playing and if I’m not working with things on the laptop generally the screensaver will activate (turning it off isn’t a solution IMO, I want to have it auto-lock in case I forget to manually lock it) so if I ever want to adjust the volume/change the song/whatever I’m always forced to put in my password to unlock the screen (which gets tiresome after a while, because I always have perfect timing… right when the screensaver activates I hate the song that comes on ;).

I don’t use the screensaver to ‘save’ the screen (thats what DPMS is for), but it’s invaluable for locking the screen (I haven’t seen any programs to auto-lock an X session that aren’t screensavers… and they’d most likely have the same issue that a screensaver has). And I’d imagine one of the plasmoids I’d have on my screensaver would blank the screen when I clicked on it (if I’m leaving for a while I could either suspend it, or just lock it and then immediately blank the screen).

Good luck on your first application from scratch (apparently :p), I’ll bet there’ll be quite a number of people that’ll love it!

Jeff says:

I see the utility in this project.

Good luck! If I ever get trunk to agree with my machine again, I’ll have to check it out.

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