{June 23, 2008}   soc week 4

I took a bit of an unscheduled break this week. didn’t write any code until sunday (although I did read and think about and talk about code). :) it was nice to just relax for a while.

unfortunately I haven’t *quite* got my goal for the week finished. input is somewhat partially working; I can click on things, and keypresses are going through, so the basic stuff is there. contextmenus and plasma-dialogs work, although they’re drawn below the semitransparent containment background (it’ll be fully transparent later, but this is useful for debugging). the add-widgets dialog and config dialogs aren’t showing up, but I’m sure they’re out there somewhere. ;) what bugs me right now is that qactions’ keyboard shortcuts aren’t working at all, and I’m not sure how to solve that one.
the code for this stuff is currently in the ‘input’ branch on gitorious.

if I’m lucky I’ll get those bugs ironed out tonight or tomorrow and be back on track for this week’s goal – requiring a password to unlock plasma. and if I’m not lucky… well, that’s why week 6 was left blank. :)

oh, and my email got pretty backed up while I was relaxing. I’d only been keeping up with things addressed directly to me and a few important parts of lists, and ended up with around 2500 unread messages! :/ it turns out that a little over two thousand of them were plasma bugreports; I hadn’t touched that folder in about two weeks, and before that I hadn’t quite been keeping up with it (it was hovering around 500 for a while).

so, I gave up and marked the folder as read. it’s starting to fill up again already. :/ ick. there are way too many bugreports there. being busy with soc, reading them isn’t really a useful way to spend my time anyways, I guess.

Thomas Zander says:

> what bugs me right now is that qactions’ keyboard shortcuts aren’t working at all, and I’m not sure how to solve that one.

Common mistake is to forget to do a myWidget->addAction(myAction); on some action in which the focus will be. (which widget to choose depends on the ShortcutContext)

Chani says:

nope. these are actions that work just fine when plasma-overlay is run directly; only when the screensaver is running are they not caught. it must be related to the funky xevent redirection I have to do; I use XSendEvent to get the events out to plasma-overlay, and then they’re somehow routed directly to the containment’s keypressevent function and not being checked properly by the notify() thing, even if I postEvent to send it through again…

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