{July 1, 2008}   soc week… 5?

ok, so week 5 ended a day or two ago. I normally blog monday nights, but I was coding right up to bedtime.

anyways… I was not lucky. the input issues turned out to be a royal pain in the ass. however, with help from some other devs (especially fredrikh) and a favourable alignment of the stars (seriously, I have no idea what fixed the qaction issue) – I’ve almost got it licked. :) I’m just playing with getting the keyboard input to go to the config dialogs now. [iiinteresting. the basic config is fine, but the font selector breaks the second time it’s shown. hmmmm.]

once those last little issues are worked out (assuming they don’t turn into big monsters), I can get this code merged in, then start on security stuff. if I can get password checking working quickly and make those config dialogs hide themselves when plasma’s locked/hidden, maybe I can kill a bug or two as well before the week ends. :)

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