{July 7, 2008}   soc week 6: caught up

huzzah! I managed to get caught up this past week, despite RL being busy. password checking is there… the config button is still there when locked, but I decided it made more sense to fix that *after* general security stuff is in place, so instead I made the dialogs hide when plasma is locked, and made it lock whenever plasma’s hidden or the timeout is reached. that way a locked screen becomes a fully-locked screen again if you’re called away :)

now that plasma essentially works, I need to focus on security. oh joy. widgets need to *not* let the user do whatever they please when they’re on the screensaver. so, I have to design some system for letting the widgets know they should be locked down (hopefully something a little better than just-lock-everything so that it can be useful outside of my project) and then get some widgets to follow it.

oh, and)

Darryl Wheatley says:

Congrats chani, love your work!

Just wondering, are you using policykit-kde for security or is that technology too young at the moment?

Chani says:

actually, I don’t know anything about policykit. I’ve heard *of* it, but I always think packagekit, which is rather different software :)

Thomas Zander says:

Policykit is for system wide privileges, I think that this is not something that you want.

AFAIK the stuff that chani is working on is to provide *some* widgets on the screensaver to allow you to do very limited operations on your computer while the screen is locked. Like pause your music.

So this is about current-user privileges, not about system-wide privileges.

Please correct me if I’m wrong ;)

Hm… I wonder if this should hook into the Kiosk framework. In fact, I wonder if that has yet been ported to KDE 4 at all :]

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