{July 8, 2008}   gratuitous screenshot

well, I spent yesterday lazing around on the beach reading about design patterns, so I guess I have to get work done today.
I need to audit a bunch of widgets for security, or at least group them vaguely based on how I expect the audit to turn out (some aren’t even worth doing, either because they’re trivial or they have no business being on a locked screen at all). we have a *lot* of plasmoids now :P and I’m only looking at the ones I know of. this isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, so I’m looking for any excuse to procrastinate ;)

someone on irc was bugging me about the lack of screenshots in my blog. :) so I thought, why not show another screenshot of my screensaver?

shiny says:

If that is a screensaver why do you have buttons in the corner? I mean, wouldn’t the mouse movement interrupt the screensaver?

Chani says:

the screen is locked. :)
although that is a good point; if the screen is *not* locked, there’s not much point in the cashew being open. I’ll try and remember to do something about that when I’ve got time for such details :)

blauzahl says:

Ha! Nice use of the “I’m going to aKademy” in there!

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