{July 13, 2008}   soc week 7: it’s aliiiive!

I’m posting a bit early this week, because I’m feeling impatient. :)
I don’t actually have that security stuff implemented – planned out, but not implemented. but I have an excuse, I’m waiting for aaron ;) so in the meantime I… well, I procrastinated a lot, relaxed a little, and then eventually skipped ahead to next week’s goal – adding an option in the screensaver config to turn this thing on and off.

now that it’s actually possible to disable it (and it’s off by default), I figure it’s okay to let people try it out. trunk conveniently unfroze, so I cleaned up a couple of bugs and committed everything to svn (mmm, git flood). have fun! :)

however, I warn you: soc is still not over. there are still some gaping holes in my project. don’t expect it to actually make sense or anything until after akademy. it will eat your babies ;)

Cool !! Updating and building :)

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