{July 21, 2008}   soc week 8

well, what did I do this week? it’s been such a long week.

on monday I fixed some little bugs, and made configuration only possible while widgets are unlocked. tuesday and wednesday I was out camping… or rather, cycling 80km to the campground, sleeping, then cycling to the nearest bus. ;)

after I recovered from that, I spent a few days fighting with git. git-svn is a fragile little baby and I did something it didn’t like, so everything got all confused. :( but eventually I managed to create a new master-branch without any weird double commits, and get things working again.

yesterday, I made transparency options for plasma-overlay. you can set the opacity both for when plasma is active (meaning you moved the mouse or typed recently, and the screen’s locked) and for when it’s idle. however, the performance isn’t great, so if your system isn’t very powerful you might want to stick to 0 or 100% opacity.


I also realised something… developing in a public git repo isn’t all that helpful if nobody’s actually looking at it. I’ve had hardly any code review :/ that’s not a good thing. hopefully now that it’s in svn people will start pointing out the weird bits in the code; I’ve also hacked post-review-plasma so that I can put my code on reviewboard again. :)

Thomas Zander says:

I suggest repeating your git repo URL more often, and pointing out the svn location where your code lives too. I was tempted a couple of times to try it while reading your blog, but never could find the actual code.

Yes, I’m stupid, I could have found it if I really tried. Am I different from most people?

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