{July 28, 2008}   soc week 9

whew! what a busy week. I feel like I got a lot done.

I fixed a bunch of little bugs – appletbrowser goes away when plasma is locked, plasma always starts locked, and plasma always gets activated properly when it starts up.

I made stuff behave more sensibly – the toolbox only opens when it can actually be used, and the timeout for making plasma go idle isn’t hardcoded o 20s any more.

I added some features, too – there’s an action in the toolbox to quit the screensaver (asking for a password if you haven’t recently entered it), trying to click plasma stuff when the unlock dialog is up will dismiss the dialog and let you start interacting with plasma, and there’s a ‘Setup…’ button in the screensaver kcm that runs lockprocess in a convenient setup-mode with plasma immediately unlocked and ready for configuring.

oh, and I took some time to go work on libplasma instead of my soc project: I fixed that bug with adding activities – but then discovered 4.1 is about to be *released* – I thought it was just about to be tagged. doh. so, I’m not sure if that bugfix will be in 4.1.0 or 4.1.1 :/ I really should pay more attention to our release schedules.

anyways, now the only major soc features missing are containment swapping and appletbrowser security. :) the former shouldn’t be too hard. the latter got tied up with other plasma improvements…

I still have a bunch of small irritating things to work on, though. bad code, small bugs and usability issues, etc… it looks like I’ll have enough to keep me busy for another week. :)

Jonas says:

Something I’ve been wondering about…

How do you plan to implement the security? I mean, blacklisting say the application launcher would be a no-brainer. Notes should be safe.

But what about third-party ones? The quick-access one would be dangerous, but it would be a never-ending job to keep track of all plasmoids people publish on say

Not to mention non-native widgets such as karamba, MacOS X, and Google gadgets (when they’re available to use as semi-plasmoids). Or will non-native widgets be out-of-bounds?

Chani says:

I explained it on the mailing list a couple of weeks ago; I’m too lazy to find the exact post right now. :)

basically all plasmoids will have to declare in their .desktop files which security constraints they can meet, and if they can’t meet all the constraints that the screensaver requires they won’t show up.
I’m not sure what will happen to non-native widgets… most of them are scripted, iirc, which apparently makes security a lot easier. I’m just dealing with the c++ applets for now; I expect other people will extend the security framework in the future.

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