{August 4, 2008}   soc week 10

oh crud, it’s been a week already? :/
I haven’t done much for soc this week. I’ve been getting ready for akademy, fighting with my computer, and trying to get my xo to boot off a usb drive (which is really not going well so far). I’m also feeling a little burnt out.

I did get a bit of code written; I reorganised the toolbox to (hopefully) be less confusing. I also spent time trying to figure out design issues that are bugging me, so when I do start getting code written again it should (hopefully) go smoothly.

I feel like I’m trying to finish a project for school; so much left to do, the deadline is fast approaching, and my motivation just gets lower every day. add to that the stress of preparing to go halfway around the world, and it’s really hard not to get overwhelmed. luckily I’ll be taking a week off after akademy.

obligatory screenshots:
new toolbox, unlocked
new toolbox, locked

[edti] waait a sec, that’s not all I did! I also fixed some zui bugs that were making toobox buttons disappear. so, 4.1.1 will have lots of zui bugfixes. :)

Hey Chani, I’ve seen your presentation about the widgets on screensavers at the Akademy. Just wanted to say I find it very cool that you’re working on that project. It’s stuff like that that can impress people and make them consider the Linux desktop as a valid system to run on their machines. I have some further ideas about how to implement some further stuff into the project: an option to lock access to the widgets configuration options in order to block silly people messing around by dragging the widgets off of the screen and other annoying things they might do.

Anyway I’ll only be at the Akademy only during the Conference dates, so tomorrow (10th) will be my last day. Should you find me through my nickname at the Conference ( Carroarmato0 ) I’d be very happy to offer you a drink. For the rest have a great week! :-)

Chani says:

Christophe: thanks :)
actually you already can’t configure or move applets or anything when they’re locked. I thought I demonstrated that when I clicked the lock button and showed how the settings action went away, but it seems several people were confused by this.

…I’m actually a little confused now. why did I fail to communicate this? how can I explain it better next time I’m talking about my project?

Maybe talking slowly and structuring the conversation even more. The demo was nice, but I personaly think the confusion started while you were talking and showing the stuff at the same time. People were more concentrated on the visual part while not paying attention to what you were saying.

So in other words: tell people slowly and clearly what you are about to show them while you still have their attention. Also look at the public you are talking to involve them more.

For the rest I think you did really well. It’s normal that some people don’t get everything you say because they are distracted. Combining visual and audio media at the same time is an art.

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