{August 12, 2008}   soc week 11 / akademy

no code this week; I needed to prepare for akademy, and then get here, and now I’m too sleep deprived to write code (besides, I’m actually attempting to pay attention to the presentations). the good news is, I *want* to write code again. I just have to find a time when I’m both awake enough to think and have some free time. with so much going on… er… I’m not sure when that will be. :)

akademy is fun, although the lack of sleep is making me a bit nutty. [warning: the rest of this post is basically complaints about lack of sleep.] it took a very long time for me to reach mechelen, so I was exhausted when I arrived, and then I didn’t sleep well. doh. staying up for a crazy amount of time unfortunately does not guarantee that I will sleep through the night.

saturday morning I was in the bouncy-hyper phase of sleep deprivation. I was quite literally bouncing around, running up and down stairs, etc… :) but by the afternoon that had worn off. I have vague memories of presentations being interesting, and maybe I’ll write about details later. the very first keynote I particularly liked. I also spent 5 minutes talking myself (about my soc project) – it was my first experience with public speaking, and it went far more smoothly than I had expected. :) KDE people are very supportive and encouraging; thanks guys. maybe next year I’ll actually do a full presentation. :)

the social event afterwards was fun – free beer makes everyone happy. :) unfortunately I didn’t sleep well that night either, so add another few hours of sleep debt, and sunday morning I was a zombie.

sunday.. umm.. there were presentations. I’m sure they were interesting, but I’m not remembering much right now. getting dinner took a while, and being hungry *and* tired is a dangerous combination for the people around me. ;) luckily I did eat, and then went to bed early (meaning before midnight).

but I still had that sleep debt. monday was the e.V meeting. it was loooong (although apparently much shorter than usual). I forgot to bring coffee in after the break, and regretted it. I’m definitely addicted. by the end of the meeting I was barely functioning. ended up having a nap, waking up at 9:30, then searching for a place still serving dinner. luckily we ended up finding somewhere (there were four of us wanting food by then). I think I got enough sleep after that to count as a full night’s sleep, but I still haven’t caught up on all the sleep I missed earlier in the week.

now it’s tuesday. embedded day! whee! we have our n810’s and they’re shiny. unfortunately the usb cable provided does *not* charge them, so I expect double the competition over power outlets. it’s lunchtime, and I’m starting to feel weird again… there are now four things making me irritable: lack of sleep, lack of coffee, lack of food and PMS. somehow I’ve managed to avoid killing anyone… yet. ;) I think I’ll go fix the food issue now (although having the same lunch every day is getting a little bit annoying).

As a male (that’s had to deal with the other side of this for many years –I’m 68 & married for over 30 years now). I wanted to thank you for being open about also dealing with PMS, on top of the rest (or lack of it…).

In my opine the world would go better if the poor guys had a chance to know when it might be best to run for cover. We guys are just simple creatures and don’t do subtle very well at all.

Me? I’m just a person with large interest in all things FLOSS, and I therefore follow the Planet (along with tons of other rss feeds, of course).

I’ve always respected your open –‘this is me’ sort of attitude. Probably because it’s also a form of FLOSS (just running in wetware, instead of software, or hardware, per se).

So while I almost never comment on much, in this case I just wanted to say thanks, and that I hope your example may help encourage others to be a bit open about stuff that might give the other half of the species a bit better shot at understanding.

So: Thanks for that –and, of course, a big thanks for all the work for and with the community.

PS. Please continue to avoid killing anyone, no matter how strong the temptation might become…

Introspection is a great quality. My wife has had depression her whole life, and has had insomnia since she was 14. Understandably, she can get a bit cranky now and then (not just on a monthly basis!), but it’s all so much easier when she’s aware those are the causes of her irritability. There’s a kind of irony in the phenomenon that when someone is irritable, the last thing they want to do is think logically about why :)

I follow the Planet too, and am also fond of your honest writing style. Keep up the good work, and well done for doing the presentation (although I’m not at Akademy myself).

Yeah, don’t go killing people or you’ll end up like the developer of MurderFS. =)

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