{August 21, 2008}   ireland

so now I’m in ireland, whee. my sister picked me up from the airport tuesday night, and spent three hours driving me back to her house. I was sleeping before we even got there. then I got woken up at 7:30am by my nephew shoving books in my face. :P
I shouldn’t spend too much more time blogging; we need to go out and buy food. good news is that she has a nokia phone, and her charger fits my n810, so I can use it again. yay! pete’s also got a nokia phone, so I might be able to use his charger when I finally get home and not need to buy one at all :) I’m considering buying the usb charger, since it’s nice and small, but it’s fscking $40! damn you nokia and your weird nonstandard gadgets. :P I suppose that is a small fraction of the cost of this nice free n810 :) but it’s gotta suck for the people who *bought* n810’s.
oh, and the xo is charging just fine here (I still have my uk adaptor) but it continues to piss me off. the ctrl-sticking issue is happening too often for it to even be useful for irc. :P

Steve says:

3 hours driving? That must put you in either Galway or Cork. Cead Mile Failte anyway.

Paul says:

What part of Ireland you in? And nah, not necessarily Galway or Cork, If the traffic in Dublin was bad it can easily set you back a lot.

cory says:

hey, how long are you in ireland for? cuz Im gonna be around in a few days myself XD

cory says:

I’ll be in lisburn(belfast area) landing there on the 24th. Ill most likely be hanging out with family, but apparently they dont mind visitors in the least

its sorta funny cuz kat and a friend or two of hers are stopping in ireland on their round world trip before Ill be gone and on the way back home Ill be stopping in to say hi to courtney XD the world is gettin smaller and smaller

cory says:

that sucks XD how long are you guys out there for?

Chani says:

bahaha. this conversation is happening half in email and half via blog comments, so it’s probably quite confusing to everyone but me and cory…

cory says:

this happens when u shun msn XD

if u guys end up with some free time, dont hesitate to drop by, email me! time for sleep!

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