{August 21, 2008}   madrid

madrid is hot. very hot. I’m standing in line in an uncomfortably warm section of the airport, between a perfume shop and a smoking area, hoping to get a window seat on the plane (ryanair doesn’t do assigned seating). boarding time was allegedly ten minutes ago, and the plane is due to leave in half an hour. I’m glad bought water.

I arrived at noon on sunday, feeling pretty awful. I had a few naps, then a good night’s sleep, another nap, and then felt somewhat better. since I’ve lost both my european adaptors, I tried to use one of vadim’sgeneric power supplies to charge my xo, and the battery ight lit up, but it didn’t work. as for the n810, its charger was in my backpack, and it can’t fucking charge over the fucking usb port, so it’s essentially a free brick for now. real smart, nokia.

anyways, it was really nice to finally see vadim in person. we did eventually drag ourselves away from the computer, and went out to see a bit of the city. we found a really nice vegetarian restaurant. :) mmmm, salad. unfortunately we left the directions to it at the table, but I’m sure I could find it again. just outside Banco de Espana station there’s a statue of a chariot, two blocks south on the right there’s a street whose name begins with Z, and a couple blocks down there is the restaurant. iirc it’s called something like Al Natural.

after lunch we went to Retiro park. there was a pond with rowboats! :D whee! I dragged vadim out there and quickly re-learned how to row. I’d forgtten how relaxing rowing is. :)
after that we wandered around the park, completely failing to find a single map of it. I stole vadim’s camera and took some pictures. I’ve really got to get my own one of these days.
btw, I’m very glad I bought water – there was some screwup with catering and there aren’t any snacks or drinks on the plane.
anyways, we eventually found our way out of the park, and after a long hot walk to the station we saw another little park. inside the train station. it was practically tropical; the water they sprayed on the plants made the area cool and humid, quite the opposite of the rest of the train station.

after getting back we spent the evening online again. yay interwebs! as nice as it was to log into a familiar kde3 session on vadim’s laptop, I really miss my own. I miss krunner a hell of a lot, too. I’ll have to try to install it on this windows comp I’m typing on now.

Vadim says:

Glad you liked it here :-)

BTW, the statue of a chariot is a statue of Cybele (related to the Greek Rhea), a goddess of fertility. The place itself is called Plaza de Cibeles

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