{September 3, 2008}   first day of class

well, i had my first day of classes today. it wasn’t my first day back at school, though – yesterday i spent the day standing in lines for things like texkbooks and lockers and free ice cream. :)

anyways, today was spent sitting in lectures as well as standing in lines. i’ve got two math classes, which seem like they’ll be fun (yeah, i like math), and the dreaded cmpt 275, a project course that nobody likes – group work and “deliverables” and we don’t even get to choose the groups, ugh.

it was a bit disconcerting being reminded of how windows-centric the world still is. i spent the summer in a nice happy kde bubble and now i have to deal with courses where it’s assumed everyone uses windows… i was somewhat relieved to find out the cmpt 275 teacher will accept assignments in .odf format as well as .doc. *sigh* most of these people don’t know what kde is. i don’t think i’ve ever seen anyone use it, despite the reasonable percentage of CS students with linux installed.

i miss kde. i miss having a laptop, too, although this n810 is really handy on campus. i haven’t had time to install ssh or anything like that on here, the default software’s not so good for following mailing lists or rss, and my desktop comp is being weird (plus there’s a guest sleeping in the computer room), so i’ve not got much idea what’s going on in the community lately.

the good news is, i have ordered a laptop (dell m1330, dunno when it’ll arrive), and since i have no class tomorrow i’m planning to spend the day dealing with software and data recovery n’stuff. :)

atomopawn says:

Couldn’t agree more about living in a Windows world (ick!). I get to see this problem from the other side of the desk — most of my students have never tried Linux, let alone KDE (most of the Linux users do the Ubuntu thing). Of course, after I’ve indoctrinated them, most of them wind up using Linux (I force them to use it in all but a few of my classes by assigning projects that need software that just isn’t available on Microsoft platforms). Mwahaha.

Jordan Klassen says:

Heh, I’m in your MACM 201 class… I’m a huge kde fanboy but havn’t used it much on my laptop due to frustration with the wireless and the dreaded nvidia graphics problem… and I havn’t coded due to ummm… distractions aka warcraft 3

Bernhard says:

Yeah… my school started also yesterday… nearly everyone beyond my friend circle is using windows only.. most of them have never heard of linux before.. and that’s a school for EDP :-(
I asked my class teacher if it’s a problem if we are using Linux for school and he ment.. it’s not supported.. the software we are using won’t work (well) on linux… the sad truth..
BUT: today I’ll catch some attention when showing off my KDE4 trunk *muhaha ^^* .. good old notebook ^^ (well actually it’s 3 weeks old ^^)

Djego Pallidea says:

Carefully I read the content of your and yours wives homepage. To say it frankly fanatics like you are dangerous and give me a bad feeling. I can tell from your statements that you are a rude and not a kind (Christian) person. “Of course, after I’ve indoctrinated them,…” or “… (I force them to …”. The are more such statements everywhere from you and you wife. Shame on you. I’m glad that I never had to take your classes. Take a look how well written Chani statement is and than read yours again. That sad point is that you will never realize what you do to people because you think and insist to do the right and others must do so too in your opinion. You claim to be a good person but all I can see is a evil person who.

I don’t see any evidence for the accusations you make against atomopawn. The “indoctrination” and “forcing” comments were both clearly made in jest. Maybe you misunderstood his intention and took them seriously?

Hope you make a few converts :)

Steve Ross says:


There are far, *far* worse things going on in the world than someone temporarily ‘forcing’ someone to use a particular combo of zeros-and-ones on their computers. I really hope you can see that, please take your humorless campaigning elsewhere.



Chani says:

@jordan: cool :) nice to know i’m not alone there ;) hopefully i’ll have kde on this n810 soon enough.

@djego: bahaha. you’re either a total loon or a pretty good troll.

The Computing Lab of the university I just left uses Redhat (with GNOME by default, but KDE as an option) as standard. If people want Windows, they have virtual servers. Before they got the Redhat systems, it was all Solaris with CDE or GNOME.

The maths dept general use computers are all Debian with Windows running in a VM, so you can switch to it with CTRL+ALT+F8.

Not only that, the standard format in the maths department and comlab is latex/pdf.

What’s weird is I now have a job working exclusively with Windows. I think they have one unix server with mySQL…

Jeffro says:

I’m with everyone else about despising the Windows world. I “only” really see it at my college, but once there it is inescapable. They mandate computers running Windows XP. If you’re one of the poor souls (ugh, like me) who buys a laptop through them, they shoved Vista and Office 2007 down your throat at the first opportunity.

Even the wireless network there is a Windows zone. Up until the middle of last year, wifi configuration was available only through a win32 binary program which set up the key.

yman says:

I’m the only one I know of in my college who doesn’t run Windows or Macintosh (yeah, I refuse to use the “Mac OSX” abbreviation. Just a matter of liking full names more). I run Ubuntu. Notice I say Ubuntu, not Linux, or Ubuntu Linux, because Linux is just a component of the OS, and has all sorts of FUD and outdated information associated with it. There is also the confusion of “where is the ‘real’, ‘official’ Linux OS?” which I (and others) experienced in the beginning. Talking about a specific OS saves all the trouble of explaining, clarifying, and dispelling misinformation and suchlike.

I tried installing openSUSE 11.0 with KDE 4.0, but openSUSE didn’t properly recognize my keyboard, and the developers didn’t lie when they called 4.0 a “developers preview”. I decided to go with what’s familiar and already working for me, so I installed Ubuntu. (I already tried Ubuntu on this laptop with Wubi, so I already knew it will work rather well). BTW, not all is rosy with Ubuntu either. I’ve compiled a list of all the annoyances that have cropped up so far, and it’s already got 22 points in it.

I think this college has some Linux-based servers, but I’m not sure. All the desktops are now Vista (last year they were XP), but all work has to be handed in on paper, so there are no compatibility problems. For CS we use Java with NetBeans, or optionally Eclipse, so there are no problems even with seeing stuff the professor is doing on his computer and imitating him.

The percentage of student computers with Macintosh on them seems to me to be higher than the market share of Macintosh in the general population.

yman says:

Oh, correction: one other student in my year runs Xubuntu in addition to Windows XP.

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