{September 5, 2008}   crowds and buses

crowd behaviour amuses me.

there are always long lines for the 145 bus, the last leg of my trip to school. the school crowds are big enough that they have us board through all 2 or 3 doors, and security is there to make sure we stay in lines and off the road. today a 2-door bus showed up just after i arrived, but when it was 2/3 full a 3-door bus pulled up behind it. suddenly almost everyone rushed for the other bus. i figured i had the choice of standing on the first bus or standing on the second, so i stayed with the first and had plenty of room to stand in – normally we’re packed like sardines :P

once the doors closed I looked around, and noticed something that’s far too common. the newer buses have some seats at the front that automatically fold up, for the convenience of wheelchairs n’stuff. a pair of these seats had been left up, and there were so few students on the bus that nobody was even standing in the space the seats would occupy!

i waited a minute to see if anyone would take the seats, then pushed my way to the front and put the seats down myself. :) once i’d done that, someone else sat in the other seat, but he would have stood for the whole ride if I’d gone to the other bus. :P
i’m not sure if people have trouble with the latch that releases the seats, or it’s one of those funny social things, or if they just don’t care… but it got me a seat on the bus today. :)

i’m also happy to see more no-smoking signs around sfu. there are a few outdoor areas that i have to walk through regularly, and now i don’t have to try and hold my breath for them. yay :)

Things that alarm/amuse me about the general transit population:
1) Hardly anyone gives up their seat for the old and infirm anymore
2) Students hardly ever remove their bags and seem indifferent to giving other people a face full of it
3) Getting off the vehicle/train to allow other people to disembark seems to be appalling to some people
4) Loud Cellphone talkers/Loud teenage girls
5) Open sneezers and open coughers. Jeez, use your sleeve goddamnit
6) Fatties taking up two or three seats/the entire isle
7) Bikers who board during rush hour
8) Smelly Smokers and Perfume wearers

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