{September 11, 2008}   survived the first week of school :)

whee! it’s been a bit more than a week, but yesterday i handed in my first assignments. far too much of my time this week was spent on those. iirc i did math all weekend :P and now i have new assignments, oh joy!

somewhere i have a list of thoughts about the n810 that i’ve been meaning to blog. let’s see how long it takes me to get around to that. i don’t like how little computer time i’ve been getting; school is too darn busy.

anyways, good news: first, my group for cmpt 275 seems prettty awesome. not a lot of experience, but lots of enthusiasm, everyone seems smart and has their own strengths. :)

second, my laptop may arrive tomorrow :D yay! i’ve burnt an archlinux cd, and started learning how to install it… that should be fun. :)

third, i managed to repair my backup and got some files off it. yayy! i have my calendar back at the very least… basket files are there but i haven’t got basket installed… i think some files have damage but haven’t run into them yet, so hopefully it’s just unimportant ones. from now on i test my backups after creating them :P

oh, and somehow i got talked into being exec at large for the csss (whose website is indeed down atm). doh.

anyways, i have to go back to getting school stuff done. blah. i hope i can find some time to write code this week…

Alex says:

The csss link is broken.

randomguy3 says:

Not only is the link broken, but the server’s down :-P

And yay for new laptops! Arch is awesome, if occasionally a little frustrating because not everything is automagically configured. I still haven’t managed to get php5 to work with lighttpd.

Olle Bergkvist says:

Wow. I found your blog again, and i immediately feel the desire to do some free software coding again. I should try contributing to KDE, i just can’t find the time. University is taking up all of my time, but i hope to do something about my issues with planning and such, so that i can get some more spare time. TMI :-P

Speaking about unexpectedly being elected to web master at a ComSci+Engineering student’s association, pretty much the same thing happened to me back in septermber.

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