{September 16, 2008}   arch + kdemod = win

wheee. I have kde4 on my laptop now, and it just *zooms*. maybe it has something to do with the 4 gigs of ram ;) or the fact that I’m not using debug packages atm. it’s incredibly fast. I’m running kdemod unstable, which seems to be trunk packages – very, very unstable indeed. :) akregator likes to crash every few minutes when I use it, but I can restart it so quickly I don’t really care. ;)

for comparison… my desktop, with nvidia and 512mb ram and opensuse 10.3 runs like a fscking *slug*. I haven’t even attempted composite there. since it doesn’t have a dvd drive I can’t do the dvd upgrade to 11, so I think I might wipe it clean someday, do a fresh install of opensuse 11, and see what that’s like.
my old laptop, with intel hardware and 768mb ram and a rather messed up system based on kubuntu feisty, ran kde4 with composite pretty well – I was never annoyed by slowness or impressed by speed.

for now, I’m quite happy with arch. hopefully today I’ll have time to configure xorg, so that I can have scroll wheels and compositing – I’m running without an xorg.conf right now, and surprised at how well that works. I have suspend to ram and hibernate to disk *both* working, and so far they’ve been flawless – only funny bit is that while powerdevil has no problem triggering them, kickoff’s buttons do *nothing*. s’weird. hopefully I’ll have a powerdevil plasmoid soon, and then I’ll be able to click a suspend button there. :)

…oh, one other odd thing. no kde sound effects yet. sound is working for mplayer n’stuff, but phonon seems to be silent, and the sound config dialog doesn’t even have a ‘test’ button any more. did I miss something here? even weirder, it’s using gstreamer instead of xine, and there is no other option…

and I notice wordpress is working a lot better in konqueror suddenly. neat. :)

anyways, next thing I have to figure out is mail. I want to be able to check mail from either my n810 or my laptop, but the imap client on the n810 is far worse than using gmail’s web interface, despite the instability of the browser. :( and gmail, in its infinite wisdom, doesn’t mark mail as read when I read it via imap (although it’s possible that might be the client’s fault). I’ve heard generally bad things about its imap support too…
I really want to get back to using a real mail client, because it’s really hard to follow all the mail I get with the web interface’s limited filters. there’s also that small matter of not always being on teh interwebs. I’m not sure what to do, though; if I set up mail properly on my laptop, then it’ll be harder to read it on the n810. if I find a different imap host and move away from gmail, it’ll be even harder to check mail on my n810. ideally I’d just like to have a non-sucky imap client on my n810, but it sounds like kdepim has its hands full already, so I may have to wait a while.
this is a bit of an awkward time to be contemplating a change in mail stuff. (oh, and I also have to choose between kmail and mailody on the laptop. hrrm.)

Soap says:

I blame gmail for the poor IMAP support. Pine simply doesn’t work with gmail (there’s an error whenever you move emails), so I’ve tried alpine, which can ignore the errors, but nothing gets marked as read via IMAP.

Also, “X -configure” is a gret way to generate the xorg.conf. It creates a conf that works just like X without the configuration, so you don’t have to replicate all that. But, you might already know that.

Nik says:

A good alternative email client on the N810 is – at least till kmail is ready.

Ravi says:

i encoutered same problem with phonon, i reinstalled kdesupport package and after that xine was in the list and problem was solved…

jeff says:

I’ve been having the same problem for the past few weeks on my openSUSE 11.0 machines. Been running 4.1.x packages from the Build Service.

Glad to hear Arch is awesome. I tried doing it up on my Aspire One, but it didn’t like my network interfaces. Guess it’s going on my Thinkpad instead.

markc says:

If you happen to have a spare 5gb to 10Gb partition then you may want to try the daily svn binary builds…

You could just make your desktop a dumb client to your laptop. :D

markus says:

hi. you should have a look at “modest” for the n810. works like a charm with googlemail via imap:

slougi says:

Arch + kdemod *is* awesome. I’ve been using it for a month or so myself, I’m very impressed with it.

Racchio says:

Wow, lucky you! My fresh KDE 4.1.1 on a Kubuntu run at an acceptable speed as long as I don’t add too many (let’s say more than 4) plasma widgets on the Desktop. For “acceptable” I mean, using your words, that “I was never annoyed by slowness or impressed by speed”. This happens on a quad core DELL with 4 gigs of RAM and a 512 mb nVidia card… sigh!

But the IDEA behind KDE4 is something I’m starting to like very much. I bet there will be time for speed improvements, there will be time to make KDE4 fast as a Gnome desktop (wich is fast and “clean”, but misses a lot of apps I simply LOVE from KDE!)

Dan says:

Make certain you have yourself added to the necessary groups in order to get sound working properly in Arch.

jordoex says:

I WANT YOUR LAPTOP!!! I saw you pull it out in MACM… it makes me want arch and something other than %#$&*%$%$ nvidia graphics. I’ma do a distro shuffle after intrepid beta comes out. %$%##$ nvidia. %#^%$# generating functions.

Glad to see that you like arch, I got on the arch boat pretty recently too, and I had the same experience. =)
I just had to convince the guys to package also trunk, but they took just a couple of days to update the buildsystem and I had them.
By the way, I’m rolling out and compiling new packages now, hopefully in some hours there will be new ones. =)
If you want to do that too, ask the guys – it’s really easy: you just have to launch a couple of scripts, and (almost) everything is automated.

Oh, and KMail works like a charm with GMail never had a problem with it. Dunno on the tablet though.

Jeffery says:

KDEPIM is already in testing for the N810, but you’d have to enable the extras-devel repo for the Qt libs, which is NOT advised if you value any semblance of stability. They’ll be in the stable repo soon, hopefully. KDEPIM for the N810 is also in the Maemo Garage, if my memory serves me correctly (if it doesn’t serve me correctly, I’ll go run memtest86 :P)

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