{October 17, 2008}   not dead yet

wow, it’s technically friday again already. thursday night really, but i can’t sleep so i might as well blog.

i had a deliciously irresponsible thanksgivign weekend (yes, canadian thanksgiving was on monday). after over a week of no code, i spent my friday evening coding and chatting with geeks, then spent all of saturday on code too. i’m working bugs and bad code out of plasma-overlay, slowly but surely.

sunday i tried to do some math homework, but it seemed to expect me to know a bunch of trig identities i’d forgotten years ago, and i wasn’t so keen on memorizing them… so i finally installed anki, and started entering identities and formulas into it so that it can make me memorize them. all i have to do is actually remember to keep using it. ;) it’s a pretty neat pyqt4 flashcard program, and pete’s been using it for a while for chinese with good results.

i also had thanksgiving dinner sunday, and then went off to a birthday party… by midnight i was actually starting to want to get homework done. :) guess i’d had enough relaxation for one weekend. surprisingly i found out it was still possible to get a bus close enough to home… set out at about 1am, and got home somewhere between 2 and 3. i like the journey home after a good party… everything’s so quiet and peaceful. the weather’s nice at this time of year, too- cool, but not too cold. just right for a relaxing walk, and i had a nice warm bed waiting for me at the end. :)

anyways, that late night did make monday kinda unproductive too. i do remember getting some more math stuff entered into anki, but then there was an incredibly delicious thanksgiving dinner… mmm… such wonderful food. :)

i think i got sucked back into the black hole of homework on tuesday. i don’t remember, so it probably wasn’t interesting.

but thursday i took the morning off. :) and,”morning” ened up running until nearly 4pm ;) i went back to homwork after that, but i had lots of fun debugging screensaver stuff… never quite finished the problem i was working on, but found and fixed some small stuff, and now i know what to do to finish- i just have to find time to do it.

so, the curren state of plasma-overlay… there’s only one thing left that breaks things enough that i need to drop to a tty and kill a process. i know why it happens, but i’m hoping i can find a better way to solve the issue instead of adding to the current hack. crashes are no problem any more; both krunner_lock and plasme-overlay behave sensibly if the other vanishes. if the screensaver starts to come up and you wave your mouse, it’ll vanish promptly again now.. but a few seconds later plasma-overlay flickers by as it finishes loading and dbus finally gets around to telling it that it should’ve quit. that’s what i’ll be fixing soon.

once those two bugs are worked out, i think i’ll be able to work on something worthy of a screenshot…. ;) actually, more than one. we’ll see.

huh. typing a whole blog post on my n810 hurts my thumbs :P

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