{November 9, 2008}   wallpaper on the screensaver (also, kmail++)

so, my nice shiny new laptop doesn’t do composite atm. that means that all semester I’ve been hacking on plasma-overlay with a solid black background. that much black gets annoying after a while.

coincidentally, my lack of composite began not long after plasma’s wallpaper plugins hit trunk. :) sometimes I even caught a glimpse of wallpaper automagically loading before the blackness was drawn. I just didn’t have time to do anything about it.

well, today I finally found the time to unbreak the screensaver containment’s settings dialog, and this was the perfect moment to bring in wallpaper configuation too. :) surprisingly it was quite easy; I copied some code from hte desktop settings dialog, replaced the theme and containment stuff with my own config widgets, and I had happy magical wallpaper :)

the transparency stuff there doesn’t actually *do* anything yet; I’m too tired to hook that back up now. it’s also not going to look like that when composite is disabled, because 90% of that stuff requires composite… but I’ll blog about that stuff once it’s done :) hopefully I’ll have time to finish it soon. maybe even tomorrow night if I’m really really lucky.

oh, and kmail recently got ten times more awesome. :D it finally sorts mail the way I want, it’s lovely and fast even with huge folders… I’m a bit concerened about this weird unstarring-all-starred-mail bug that’s happened to me a couple of times this month :/ (gmail imap), and I don’t really see the usefulness of the tab bar that I can’t turn off – but apart from that kmail’s looking really awesome now :)

ckt says:

Nice screenshots!
But I think the window in second shot would be cleaner
if it was changed to tabbed window interface.
What is the opinion of KDE UI designer about the window?

Thomas McGuire says:

Hi Chani, thanks for blogging about KMail :)

Don’t worry, before the 4.2 release we’ll make the tab-bar have auto-hide, so you won’t see it unless you actually use it.

Chani says:

the config UI is *not* finished. I threw it into designer quickly to replace the other non-functional UI I was removing. obviously I’ll be asking for usability help once it’s actually working how I intend it to. until then… just ignore it. I should’ve just blacked out that part of the screenshot. :P

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