{December 6, 2008}   fosscamp day 1

whee! the first day of fosscamp is over. apologies if this isn’t the most coherent of posts; I haven’t figured out how to keep my sanity at these events ;)

I arrived yesterday evening, feeling jetlagged despite being in hte same timezone. met far too many people, forgot most of their names, and discovered delicious delicious brownies. there were also ridiculously humongous drinks at the hotel bar; chris cheney bought one, and there are pictures out there somewhere now. :)
I was up far too late chatting with people, but my memory is as bad as usual, and I haven’t had time to look at my written notes. oh well…
in the morning I found out my n810 is having serious charging issues :/ there’s something funny about the charging socket, and it seems to be getting steadily worse :( by this afternoon I was spending five minutes fiddling every time I tried to plug it in. wah. that’s gonna be a pain. I’m just glad it still charges at all.

anyways, we got onto the mystery bus and headed off to google, where quite a few people were milling around. there was yummy juice, and a schedule up on a whiteboard, and it quickly started filling up… people continued adding to it all morning, which made planning a bit hard :) several times I wanted to be in two rooms at once, and tried to bounce around and catch at least some of everything… but that usually backfires on me, so I tried to limit myself to two rooms per hour ;)
I should have written more notes; I’ve already forgotten much of the morning. at 10 there was openldap and audio stuff in the morning, but audio turned out to be kernel-level discussions – cool, but not interesting to me. openldap… I dunno. sounds like they’re relying on ubuntu to do a lot of work, which makes me wonder what other distros are gonna do (not to mention ubuntu’s standard attitude towards kde).
at 11 blauzahl was talking about bugs, and I was mostly in another room… umm… I have no idea what room, though. blank spot there. maybe it was one of the many times I ran into someone in a hallway and struck up a random conversation.
at 12 there was a talk on opensocial, which sounded really interesting, but I gave it up to go to the talk on ui innovation. that was… well… nothing new, really, except in that it’s new to *gnome*. they’re wishing it was easier for users to try out new apps and applets, give feedback, etc… and for developers to share their work without a huge amount of packaging hassle. that’s just crying out for DXS imho; the only interesting bit is that they think it’d be good to be able to do stuff for entire applications (possibly including c/c++ ones), not just little applets. which reminds me of klik.

at 1 we had lunch! yaay food! :) I had a really interesting conversation with arne about translations and input methods. sounds like some changes are needed in how input is handled, to make input methods (chinese etc) less of a hack… but change is always hard. I hope he’s successful. :)

at 2 there was some oss biz thing, but my attention span didn’t hold out past the “how much money do these oss companies actually get” phase, so I wandered off and found people talking xrandr n’stuff. someone was really happy to have his touchscreen working with both rotation and compiz – although the mouse behaviour while rotated was amusingly broken :) then I got into some sort of kde discussion with adrien (the nepomuk guy) and a kde user… it’s so nice to hear that people are impressed with 4.2 and like what we’re doing :)
at 3 I meant to spend my time in hte nepomuk talk (we need to get more apps taking advantage of it! app devs, are you aware of the potential?) but my mind wandered off and I found myself walking around aimlessly… I can’t quite remember where I ended up. I know that I was getting really tired and decided to have a nap, but then I needed to plug in my n810 again, and then I found myself at a table chatting about desktops with a gnome ui guy. while we get lame complaints about being “too vista” or “too mac”, they get “too kde4” for their mockups ;) you just can’t win.
after that I wandered into another random talk… on… messaging. except it turned out to really be about thunderbird, and whether or not it was going to integrate with this or that someday in the future. and I was kinda too exhausted to process half of what people were saying by then. meh. one thing I like about kde, we’ve got so much integration, at least between our apps… and as kde4 matures we’ll have even more, I suppose…

I’m sure there were other interesting things scattered throughout the day, but… I’m too tired to bother reading my scribbly notes.

dinner was nice. yummy food, interesting conversation (the not-entirely-unlike-dxs thing started to sound a lot more interesting, and we discussed dreams of security that wouldn’t be too complicated for regular users)… and then I got back and there was pizza! yum. I went back to my room and was too tired to leave again, until blauzahl and riddell came by and convinced me to go out for a swim. :) that was nice. hot tubs ftw.
now it’s late, of course, and I’m going to collapse into bed so that I can survive another day. :) hopefully I’ll be talking about something tomorrow, but I find myself trying to find excuses not to…

it’s really awesome to be back among foss geeks, btw. :) so many bright people around, so many great conversations… it’s gonna be hard to go home and cram for exams on sunday.

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