{January 5, 2009}   back to school

well, the first day of a new semester is over. it’s been a fairly good day. the burnaby campus was closed (even though buses were running) but the surrey one was open, and all my courses are there. the first course was cancelled anyways because the teacher didn’t think he could make it. :)

I got my upass, sold an old textbook, managed to get into the bookstore at a time when it actually had no line and buy one of my textbooks, and discovered I’ve got a friend in each of my classes. macm 316 looks like it’s going to be annoying (the teacher has a thick accent and mumbles), but cmpt 383 will probably be quite interesting.

how much time I’ll have for KDE this semester remains to be seen, but I *am* going to campkde, and there’s another tokamak soon (oh god I hope I can keep up with my courses with all this travel) so if all else fails I’ll have a chance to hack then. :) aseigo and notmart’s work on the qtscript bindings seems to be going quite well, so this week I think I’ll try to focus on getting ahead in class wherever possible and preparing for my courses. of course, having said that I’ll probably get distracted by shiny code anyways ;P

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