{February 4, 2009}   on the road again

so in three hours my alarm is going to go off, and I’ll have to head out to the airport yet again. somehow I find myself blogging instead of sleeping, though.

I haven’t touched plasma this week – I’ve been busy catching up on homework, then trying to get ahead so that I can ignore it during tokamak. :) it’ll be great to see the plasma team in person and get some solid hacking time in. whee :)

so, um, yeah. I’m still alive, and I get to go to portugal! woo! the amount of travel I’ve done in the last year has been kinda crazy. crazy awesome.

I think I’m gonna pass out now. more blogs will come, with code. mmm, code. (actually, I did some haskell programming on hte weekend for homeork. that was fun. and hurt my brain.)

also, my desktop is prettier than your desktop ;P here’s my main activity and one of my school activities


Irina says:

“also, my desktop is prettier than your desktop”

Is not! (note that I’m of the “clean desktop” school). I took that picture out of my daughter’s bedroom window in the previous house.

jmu says:

Not sure if it has been planned for the 4.3 already, but I would like to have panels defined per activity, just like the plasmoids are currently.

Luis says:

Have fun in Portugal. Porto is a beautyfull town and man… those guys know how to party!

Andreas says:

Activities… I’ve heard about them and they seem to be a worthwhile idea. Can you describe in a few words how they work or point us to documentation? I’ve wanted to use them occasionally but couldn’t make sense of the activity widgets/configuration options.
TIA :)

majewsky says:

“also, my desktop is prettier than your desktop”

Yet one more “is not!” comment:

Jason says:

Pish posh… those are nothing! Delight in this:

Plasmoid highlights:
Main area – two folderviews and a sticky
Panel – Two folderviews (home and downloads), dictionary, weather, battery

@Andreas: my “students” in the KDE Forums’ Kourse 2 made a video showing how activities work:

(Flash or Ogg, depending on your tastes)

Chani says:

@Irina, majewsky, etc: ooh, those are very pretty :) thanks for sharing them.

@Andreas: activities (aka containments) are basically groups of widgets that do some management of them… I’m not sure what configuration you’re referring to, unless you mean the theme/wallpaper stuff. I assume Luca’s video shows how to add/remove them (zooming out shows the buttons for that). also useful are keyboard shortcuts: in 4.2 shift-ctrl-n and shift-ctrl-p switch between activities without needing to zoom out. there are shortcuts for zoom and so on too.

in the future, widgets will adapt to the activity they’re in (for example, the lion mail plasmoid only showing school mail on my school activities).

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