{February 13, 2009}   home!

yay, I’m home. :) horribly jetlagged (slept from about 4pm to 2am), but I’m in my own warm bed. this post skips between past and present tense a bit randomly, because some of it is copy&pasted from notes.

the flight back went well, despite a few hiccups. I missed the bus I was planning back from the mall, so nuno’s sister came and we took a different route back to her place. then we called for a taxi. After lots of negotiation, it turned out i could only get a taxi at exactly 4am- i was hoping for more like 4:30, but oh well. I collapsed into bed for a few hours, dragged myself out to the taxi, and got to the airport before the lufthansa counter had even opened. When they did open, the lady there spent what seemed like forever on the computer, making worried faces, but in the end my ticket popped out- for an extra 40 euro service fee :/ i was too tired to argue. I had tickets. I got a boarding pass, and headed to the gate. Turns out i even managed to get a window seat.

in frankfurt, I discovered they’d lost my meal request. Bastards. I spent at least five minutes trying to talk someone into arranging something for the flight, even a snack, but she just pointed me to the little snack bar in the terminal that sells shit all at ridiculous prices. An 11 hour flight and again they’re hiding behind rules, saying it takes 24h to request a special meal… When i was flying to china the travel agent forgot the veggie meal request, and i didn’t find out until they were actually serving food, and they still managed to get me some rice and veggies. :P

…so i wandered the airport a bit, and bought some haagen dazs ice cream to calm down. And i just remembered the quality of food on the way over- i suppose i’m not missing much ;P but now i have no sandwiches, only granola bars, and no stop in toronto for tim hortons. We’ll see if the people on the plane are any more sympathetic.

they weren’t. I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

however, by coincidence both lunch and dinner had a “pasta” option which was not only vegetarian but damn good (for airline food). all I had to do was give away the prawns/shrimp/whatever sitting on top of my salad. the lunch came with a brownie, too. with cranberries it in. yum.

oh, and there was free booze. I took full advantage of that. :D

the plane we were on was pretty old – no personal tvs, just overhead ones every ten seats or so, and music on the armrest. however, they had done a good job with the music – the mode button worked properly to switch between audio and video (instead of making the first two audio channels the tv sound the way air canada does), and there were a full 30 audio channels. one even had poetry. I found two channels of chinese pop music after the movies were over. Cheesy as it is, i like it :)

sadly, all that free booze made it impossible to get any hacking done… I hate the feeling I get when I try to think about code while drunk. so instead I read rss feeds (some of you still aren’t putting the full post in the feed, damnit :P ) until the movies distracted me. that’s the problem with not having personal tvs, I can’t turn it off so I end up watching just because it’s on.

the flight went by pretty quickly, with two movies and plenty of alcohol. when I got home I just went straight to bed. oh dear, it’s 6am now… I feel like it’s time for another nap. I have school at 12:30. that’s going to be odd. good thing it’s the weekend after that – I have a hell of a lot of catching up to do. I’ll probably disappear for a week or two now. (except, I have a blog backlog to clear too…)

Jeff says:

Chinese pop music, eh? I’ve built up a fair amount of Japanese pop and some Korean pop, but haven’t made my way further west. Well, I guess I mean my library skips from Korea straight to Britain.

Anyway, good to hear you made it home.

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