{February 13, 2009}   tokamak II

hmm. I seem to have run out of words. my mind’s just drawing a complete blank.
tokamak was good, of course. everyone else has blogged, we’ve even got a dot article.
the first day was all presenations. the second day was (for me) all scripting, which I already blogged about, and I also repeated my presentation for some locals who missed it.

the third day I did a lot of writing and planning. lots of ideas. :) I have a possible soc project now, yay! (no, it’s not kdm.) I wrote a little code, too.

day four… I think I was a little burnt out. that seems to happen often after a really good day. I spent far too much time banging my head against stuff I didn’t really want to work on. stuff I do want to do will be rather awkward unless I improve the ZUI a bit first. oh, and they forgot to feed the vegetarians… but that was ok – we found a nice pasta place in the mall food court.

aaron brought his guitar along after lunch, so I subjected everyone to some practice of both the songs I know… and ended up learning a new song :) although I’ll have to buy a capo to be able to keep playing it. I need to learn more easy songs so that I can practice more without getting frustrated or bored.

as much as I’m happy to be home, it’s a shame that tokamak was over so fast. I probably won’t get to travel again until may, at the earliest, and I’m already beginning to miss people :) KDE’s a great community to be part of.

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