{March 31, 2009}   not dead yet

so I haven’t blogged in quite a while. what have I been doing?
…I’m not quite sure, really. little things.

me and marco were working on a new toolbox thingy for hte ZUI, so that you don’t see a bajillion “add activity” buttons and so on. I was doing the non-gui side of it, so I never blogged, and afaik he never got around to it either… :) oh well. hopefully it’ll make the ZUI a bit less awkward in 4.3.

school continues to be school… a steady stream of assignments. except… there’s only one week left. hard to believe. just as I’m getting used to it, it’s over… well, except for exams.
although actually I’ve been off sick for over a week now. I’ll probably go back tomorrow. got a nasty bug that’s been going around, but I’m getting better. :) that kinda threw a wrench into the works, though – I was too sick to do much of anything for a while, then I had to scramble to catch up on homework, so my soc application suffered and I haven’t done much about upcoming conferences and I *still* haven’t done taxes. :/

anyways, I did eventually submit my gsoc application. it’s about making plugins for reacting to clicks on the desktop. so once again you’ll be able to have an application menu come up when you right-click, or a windowlist, or whatever else someone comes up with, and you can bind the plugins to other mouse buttons too… :)

it’s not a shiny rock-star project like social desktop stuff or plasmate, but it’s useful, I know there are people who want it, and I wanted to work on something practical in the core of plasma this summer. :)

{March 4, 2009}   screensaver security

woo! I’m finally getting that security code written. I can’t remember when, but sometime in february I made the screensaver’s appletbrowser not show anything from the “application launchers” or “windows and tasks” groups. as of today it can also exclude plasmoids based on their requirements (so long as they tell the truth about what their requirements are) and tell plasmoids what features are forbidden. I’ve used this to make the comic applet safe again. :) for 4.3 it won’t show that “save as” option when it’s on the screensaver.

other requirements will be defined soon… I’ll have a look at what applets are doing, and add stuff as I go… I think the next one will be turning off KRun. having windows open underneath the screensaver isn’t strictly a security risk, but it would still be annoying to find a dozen of them when you unlock your screen.

I’ll mention the added constraints on plasma-devel as I go so that developers can update their plasmoids.

et cetera